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Posted on Friday 1 July 2011 at 5:17 pm

NOT good!!

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Yesterday I spent half the day on campus. I walked in my giant air cast boot thing from my roommate's car to the coffee shop on campus (maybe 3 minutes normal walk), rested at the coffee shop for about an hour, walked to the student health center (maybe 5 minutes normal walk), rested there for a few minutes, walked to the library and got a book (maybe 10 minutes normal walk), and walked back to the coffee shop (maybe 7 minutes normal walk). All that left me exhausted. I really didn't do anything the rest of the afternoon. I half dozed without really falling asleep on the couch from like 8:00 - 9:20 last night, when I worked up just enough energy to make it to bed. I slept until 8:30 or so, then got up and crashed on the couch for another hour so. My roommate sarcastically said something about my having made it far for the day, I said I was awake and surely that counted for something, and he said he waasn't sure what I was could be called awake. So I took a three hour nap or so from c. noon to c. 3 this afternoon. I'm finally sort of awake, but still pretty tired. All that from what would normally be less than half an hour of very casual walking!? This does not bode well for writing lectures (requiring that I walk to the library on campus to get books) and teaching five days a week for the next five weeks.

On the bad because I want to teach and need the money but good because of yesterday's experience front, I may not be teaching anyway. Summer classes only make if you have at least five students. I've been pretty much fluctuating between six and seven students since April. Yesterday I had six. Today I have four. I don't know when they make decisions to cancel classes and I could have people add or drop at any point during this long weekend, so as of now I have no idea if my class will be allowed or not. Plus, during summer classes you get paid per student. For five to eight students, it is $500 per student. Above that, it works on sliding scales where you get an extra $300 for eight to twelve students, then an extra $300 starting at 13, or something like that. Since I was at 7 for so long, I kept hoping for that magic 8 so I'd get $4000 for the least amount of work possible. Even if they let me have the class with only four students, that will be only $2000. Poop.
Feeling: Tired
Exploring: Couch, where else?
Listening: One of the roommates cooking and humming in the kitchen

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