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Happy Everything
Posted on Sunday 27 December 2009 at 5:13 pm

The Story of the Glo-Worm

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I know I've posted this photo multiple times before (most recently in the post immediately before this one) and the story that goes with it, but there is now a part two that I've got to share. Here's part one for those who have either never heard it or forgotten it.

When I was three or so years old, I desperately wanted a glo-worm for Christmas. Specifically, I wanted the bedtime glo-worm in pajamas that played a lullaby. In my family, all presents from Mom and Dad and people generally were wrapped and under thee tree. Anything from Santa Claus was unwrapped in stockings or in front of the wrapped presents under the tree. This particular Christmas morning, I surveyed the unwrapped presents from Santa and there was no glo-worm. I was close to tears and would only say over and over "Santa didn't bring me." I wouldn't specify what Santa didn't bring, but there was no need. Everyone knew I wanted that glo-worm. My folks finally convinced me to open just one of the wrapped presents from them. Dad dug around under the tree, found a specific package, and I opened it. Needless to say, Santa didn't bring me my glo-worm because he is a smart man and knew that my folks had already got it for me. You've never seen a happier kid.

Flash forward twenty some odd years… It has been somewhere in the vicinity of two decades since I've had unwrapped presents from Santa under the tree or in my stocking. Everything is now from people and therefore wrapped. This year when I went out to the living room Christmas morning, there was one unwrapped present sitting under the tree in front of the stack of wrapped gifts. Santa brought me my glo-worm this year. It is a new one, not the exact same one I had in the 1980s, but that's OK because I still have the old original one. This one still glows when I squeeze its tummy and is still a bedtime one so it plays lullabies and that makes it perfect. Obviously Santa is awesome, if a bit late, and my parents are always awesome and love me. And that's all that matters.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of me and the new glo-worm yet. We're now out in west Texas visiting my grandparents and the glo-worm is back in Houston so I'll have to add a photo when we go back to Houston. Consider this a place holder.

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