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Posted on Wednesday 2 December 2009 at 8:13 pm

A $199...

There is usually no light on my front door at night, which makes it rather difficult to get the key in the door. There is a motion sensor light on the house, but it points out at the driveway and the brightness doesn't reach to the door. There is a light I could leave on for the porch, but this requires remembering to switch it on before I leave and it wastes power so I just don't bother with it. I have a little flashlight thing on my keychain that I typically use. I push the button on it, it emits a blue glow, and I can see to get the key in the lock so everyone is happy. Of course, I have to detach it from the keyring so I can have it in one hand with the light aimed at the lock and the key in the other hand or else it doesn't work. Sometimes I think this is more trouble than it is worth so I'll try getting the key in the lock without it, and I think I've succeeded once. The rest of the time I give up and take off the light and use it. Last night I was struggling to get in and decided I needed the light or I was never going to make it. I had a few things in my hand, including my cell phone, and started juggling them around so I could get the light. I literally suddenly said out loud "Wait! That's what they invented cell phones for!" and then hit the power button to make the cell phone screen glow and used that light to get the key in the door.

So my iPhone is apparently a $199 flashlight. By the way, I checked and yes, there is in fact an app for that. You pick color and brightness and when you click the app, it makes your screen glow to match your settings. In addition to lighting up the darkness, it is apparently useful for audience members desiring something to wave in the air at concerts that don't allow lighters. I think I'll just stick with using any old screen glow.


godricgal at 1:29 am on 03 December 2009 (UTC) (Link)
LOL. I have exactly the same problem, so I tend to wait out on the street to find the right key before I set out down the path. This week, though, the bulb in the hallway light went, so before I go up the stairs, I arm my iPhone with the flashlight app and it is quite brilliant!
bratty_jedi at 1:41 am on 03 December 2009 (UTC) (Link)
I did OK with just the regular screen glow so I don't think I need the flashlight app, but I'm quickly becoming addicted to free apps in general. Barnes and Noble's free ebook reader coupled with their large collection of free "classics" ebooks is possibly the greatest invention of all time. I'm still not willing to pay basically the same price for an ebook as I could pay for the physical book, but I can't think of anything better than free, immediate access to hundreds of great novels and other books that just happen to be old enough to be in the public domain.

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