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Bratty - drum
Posted on Saturday 21 November 2009 at 6:39 pm

Three Things

Howdy! I've been terrible about updating lately even though I check LJ all the time and have no excuse for not posting. I guess I just don't feel like I have much of anything to say. Or maybe it is the Facebook thing. If I post something as a short status post there, what's te point in doing a longer write up of the same thing for over here? Of course, I have quite a few flisters who aren't my friends on facebook and I can go into more detail here so I really should try to post here more often. Here's the top three things that happened this week.

(1) I've had a Palm LifeDrive handheld computer for about five years now. When I got it, it was cutting edge technology. But that was about five years ago and the poor thing has been dying for some time. I first started thinking about replacing it when I got Office 2007 because it was so old that Outlook 2007 wouldn't sync with it so I couldn't sync my calendars and contacts anymore. But I held on to it and just manually double entered everything I really needed on both the laptop and the handheld. Then the battery started having issues, mostly consisting of not being able to hold a charge for longer than about 2 hours. On Thursday it was royally acting up and I decided that I had had enough. I went to a couple different stores, played around with a few different models on different networks, and called my mom and told her I was seriously considering buying an iPhone. I had to discuss it all with her because my parents still pay my cell phone bill and me getting an iPhone will add $30 a month to the bill. I feel badly doing that, but no one makes good stand-alone PDAs/handhelds anymore. Everything is smart phones and that requires the extra data plan. I desperately needed something, so Mom okayed the increase in the bill, I went back to the AT&T store and bought a 16GB 3GS iPhone. I've spent the past few days playing with my new toy and it is awesome and I am very quickly falling in love. The whole internet access even when not on a wifi network thing is awesome but will take some getting used to. For example, the email I received while shopping in Walmart notifying me that my Grandpa had created a facebook and added me as a friend was a bit odd and left me wondering just how badly I really need to be connected to the world at all times since I think that could have waited until I got home. Of course, this hasn't stopped me from adding free apps for checking facebook and MLIA and hasn't stopped me from using them when out and about.

(2) I got a call on Thursday that a part I needed for my motorcycle was in at the bike shop. My state inspection sticker expired at the end of October but when I tried to get it inspected I found out that the brake light was only coming on when I hit the foot (rear tire) brake, not the hand (front tire) brake. As long as I always hit both brakes, this wouldn't actually be hazardous to me on the road, but of course there is the chance that I'd forget and only use the hand brake and I certainly couldn't pass the state inspection without that working. After a delay caused by a misunderstanding, the bike shop finally ordered the part I needed to fix that and I went over on Friday for them to put it on. I park the motorcycle in a shed in the back of my rental house and drive through the yard to the driveway. I forgot that it rained Thursday evening and went around the side of the house too quickly for wet ground. The back wheel lost traction in the mud and slipped sideways so the bike and I hit the ground. I ended up with mud all over my pants and jacket, mud all over the bike, and a decent scrape up the inside of one of my legs. No major bleeding and no broken bones, so certainly nothing to get excited about, though the scrape is a bit tender to the touch and required five Tweety bandaids to cover it (yes, all bikers use Looney Tunes bandaids to cover their injuries or at least they should). After getting myself cleaned up a bit, I went to the shop as planned but had problems shifting gears all the way over. On most modern motorcycles, you shift with your left foot and the shift pattern goes first, neutral, second, third, fourth, fifth. Neutral is kind of a half step between first and second so from first you jerk it softly to go into neutral or harder to go directly into second. I was not only going to neutral every time, but I sometimes couldn't get it past neutral to second until after jerking it as hard as I could two or three times. I told the mechanic that I'd wiped out in the mud that morning (he looked at the dirt all over one side of my bike and said "Boy, you sure did!") and asked him to look to see if I'd done any damage in addition to putting on the brake light switch and doing the state inspection. He played with it a bit and said he felt what I was talking about with the shifter but he couldn't find anything wrong in terms of a loose part or a bent rod or anything so hopefully it would just work itself out. I think it was a little bit easier coming home than it had been on the way over so he might be right.

(3) I have leaves in my yard. Lots and lots of leaves. I've been working on raking them for a couple of weeks now, with breaks for days of nothing but rain. I had everything raked into piles once, but then it rained before I could get the leaves bagged and the rain caused more leaves to fall. I finally got all but two of my original piles into bags. It took 50 30-gallon leaf bags for that initial round of leaves. I took one load of 10 bags to the county dump this week. They allow you to bring leaves (provided they are in clear plastic bags which I didn't know at first so I had some leaves in black bags and had to transfer them) for free during certain weeks in the fall and then they mulch them and you can get free bags for fertilizer in the spring. They also come around once and will collect any bags that you leave out, but our collection isn't until the second week of December and I've got too many bags to wait. I need to take more over to the dump, but I spent this afternoon raking up more piles. I worked out it for close to four hours and got most of the front yard into 15 or 20 huge piles. I bought 50 more bags at Walmart today and I'm not sure that will be enough to get me through the fall. I had started a jogging program several weeks back, but I haven't gone running in two or three weeks because all the time and energy I'd give to that has been spent raking leaves. The really odd thing is that I kind of enjoy it. I'm sore and tired when I finish, but there is just something so nice about spending hours outside and doing something physical. It is very relaxing and I usually lead such a sedentary lifestyle that the change is refreshing. I've also met several neighbors, mostly thanks to the men in the houses around mine coming over to introduce themselves and make sure I'm ok and to tell me if I need anything or they can help to just holler. It's kind of sweet. One guy driving by today rolled down his window just to tell me that he has lived on this street for eleven years and he doesn't think he has ever seen anyone actually rake my yard because the amount of leaves is so overwhelming and he thinks I'm doing a fantastic job. The other thing I really like about raking is that I can listen to music while doing it. I'm not very good at reading or writing with music on and since that is how I spend most of my time, I don't get to listen to songs as much as I'd like. I'm on a Monkees kick lately and bought all their early albums from iTunes a bit ago and have been listening to that while raking and thoroughly enjoying myself. I need to go on a second round of iTunes shopping to get the rest of their albums, but that will probably have to wait until after my next paycheck. Or maybe after Christmas. I need to switch over to holiday songs soon anyway.


(no subject) - (Anonymous)
bratty_jedi at 1:06 pm on 24 November 2009 (UTC) (Link)
Hello. Sorry I haven't replied to any of your polls re: the fic exchange but all decisions made have been fine by me.
What's Taters, Precious?
mrstater at 1:40 am on 22 November 2009 (UTC) (Link)
If I post something as a short status post there, what's te point in doing a longer write up of the same thing for over here?

Ironically, I've been meaning to write a blog post about how FB has ruined my ability to blog. It's so much easier to condense the most interesting/amusing/frustrating parts of my life to a short status message. Also, it encourages the art of brevity.
bratty_jedi at 1:07 pm on 24 November 2009 (UTC) (Link)
I suck at brevity no matter the circumstances, but I agree with all the rest.

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