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Indy I A
Posted on Thursday 8 October 2009 at 7:31 pm

Germany: Overview

Here's a rundown of the places we went on what days. Over the next few days (weeks?), I'll try to post more details on each day's excursion along with pictures.

Day 1: 18 September (Friday)
*Flights to Chicago and to Dusseldorf

Day 2: 19 September (Saturday)
*Actual arrival at Dusseldorf airport
*Settling in at flat in nearby town of Ratinger
*Walking around Old Town Ratinger

Day 3: 20 September (Sunday)
*Schloss Benrath (castle in Dusseldorf)
*Meandering around Old Town Dusseldorf

Day 4: 21 September (Monday)
*Dechenhole (cavern that turned out a little disappointing)
*Xanten (town with Roman "ruins" that turned out a little disappointing)

Day 5: 22 September (Tuesday)
*Drive along part of Rhine looking at castles along it
*Tour of Marksburg (fortress type castle)

Day 6: 23 September (Wednesday)
*Neanderthal (can you guess what was first found here and what kind of museum they have here?)
*Koln (a.k.a. Colonge – town with wicked awesome old cathedral)

Day 7: 24 September (Thursday)
*Ulmet (tiny little town that is where we think my family came from)
*Trier (town with Roman ruins that was not disappointing)

Day 8: 25 September (Friday)
*Aachen (town that was for a time Charlemagne's capital for the Holy Roman Empire)
*Germany / Belgium / Netherlands borders meeting point (yes, I technically made it to the Netherlands!)

Day 9: 26 September (Saturday)
*Water castle in Ratinger
*Meike's wedding (a.k.a. the purpose of the trip!)

Day 10: 27 September (Sunday)
*Drive from northern Germany to Bavaria in southern Germany
*Hidelberg castle

Day 11: 28 September (Monday)
*Munchen (a.k.a. Munich)

Day 12: 29 September (Tuesday)

Day 13: 30 September (Wednesday)
*Berchtesgaden (beautiful town in the Alps best known for being Hitler's private retreat)

Day 14: 1 October (Thursday)
*Neuschwanstein and Linderhof (two palace castles)
*Oberammergau (tiny town best known for a play that wasn't being performed while we were there but is also home to some amazing painted houses)

Day 15: 2 October (Friday)
*Flights to Chicago and to Richmond


gilpin25 at 1:35 pm on 09 October 2009 (UTC) (Link)
Have visited a few of those myself (though about fifteen years ago - aagh!), so will be interested to read what you thought of them and see all the pics.

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