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Crystal Ball - Ron
Posted on Friday 3 July 2009 at 10:07 am

Things you might or might not want to know

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  • I like html lists a bit too much.

  • I am all moved into my new rental house. I'm not unpacked, but I am moved in. Actually the bedroom is almost completely unpacked and I've started on the kitchen. The kitchen had to wait because there was a bit of a fiasco with my fridge. The landlord said he'd get one because the previous tenants had provided their own. Then when I met the lady to sign the lease, the only appliance listed as provided was a stove so we had to hand add fridge to the lease. Then it wasn't delivered when it was supposed to be so I was told it would be there the next day (the day I was moving in). Then I got a call at 7:30 the night I moved in and was told it could be there in half an hour or 45 minutes if I had to have it tonight or it could be the next day. I said I wouldn't be in the next day so they agreed to bring it over. They got here at 9:15 and finally left at 10:30 because they had to hook it up and reverse the doors. I think I could have revered the doors by myself in half the time it took them, but at least I finally have my fridge and it is brand new and has an ice maker, about which I am oddly excited since I don't really like ice in beverages. Anyway, today I plan to finish unpacking the kitchen and maybe the living room (there isn't much for that one).

  • I've got one problem with the living room. There are three pairs of electrical outlets in the living room for a total of six outlets. What genius decided that two of the three pairs should be connected to the same light switch? There is no overhead light so I understand needing outlets connected to a switch so you can plug in a lamp and be able to flip it on and off easily, but why would you assume people need four things to be flipped on and off by the same switch and only two things to be on all the time!? For now I've got two surge protectors plugged into the one outlet plus an extension cord plugged into one of the surge protectors and another surge protector plugged into the extension cord at the other end of the room. It works, but that's a lot to be plugged into one little outlet.

  • I haven't decided what to do about unpacking the library / office stuff. There are two rooms that could work for office space. My idea is that one of the rooms, a nicer one with a fireplace, can be split between two people with perhaps a common seating area in front of the fireplace and the second room, which has the water heater and some of the AC stuff and is a bit noisier and not quite as nice, could be the office of the third person and have some overflow storage space for everyone. The problem is I honestly don't care which of the three office spaces is mine and I don't know what the hypothetical roommates would prefer so I don't know where to set up my stuff. Should I leave the "private" room for someone else or should I leave both spots in the nicer room for the other two? The cable guy set up the modem for the internet in one corner of the nicer room so the wireless router is plugged in over there. I think it would be a good idea to plug the router into my backup battery so if we lose power we can have a few minutes to save or get out off anything important we might be doing online before we lose the internet. Of course I also want my printer and a few other things plugged into the backup battery so that means my desk would need to be in the same corner as the router, but the router doesn't necessarily have to stay where it is now. Since I have to do something, I may leave the router where it is, set up my stuff over there but only unbox what I really need for now, and just tell roommates once they are selected for sure that I'm willing to swap around to a different spot if anyone would like that spot.

  • I was given seven total keys by the previous tenants. Five are unique. I have two each for the front door knob and the front dead bolt. I have one for one of the two backdoors. Then I have two keys for which I haven't found matching locks and three lockable doors for which I haven't found keys. Not sure what to make of that.

  • I got all of my stuff out of the old place on Tuesday except for one box, a cart, and the cleaning supplies. My former roommate was supposed to be getting out the last of her stuff Tuesday night and then I was to clean on Wednesday. Apparently she decided that whatever she didn't want could just be Rachael's problem (raise your hand if you're surprised). She had been back and taken some stuff, but last time we were at the apartment together she pointed out some stuff of hers and said she didn't want it and I said I didn't want it either. She left all of that plus some other stuff. It took me twelve garbage bags and two trips to the dumpsters to get rid of all her crap that she left behind. Because of that, I ran out of time to get everything really cleaned and almost didn't get the keys turned in on time. I had to do a mad-dash sweep of the living room, put my box, the cleaning supplies, and the few things she left that I thought I could donate to a thrift store or something rather than trash onto the front porch, lock the door, and drive like mad to get the key turned in five minutes before they closed. Then I drove back and loaded everything on the porch into my car. To say the least, I was not a happy camper.

  • There has been movement on the roommate front. I am talking with two people right now. I know nothing about the first. She has been good about sending emails saying "The house sounds great. Can I come see it next week?" but terrible about replying when I say "So tell me a bit about yourself." That makes me a bit leery, but not overly suspicious. She's coming to see the house on Monday and I'll talk with her then. If I can't get her to tell me anything or don't get a good feel for the idea of us being roommates, I'll tell her no and I'm confident I still have time to move on to other people because basically everyone at this point is looking to move in around early to mid August before school starts. I have a second person that is very promising. She is 32, will be starting the MBA program, and has spent the past few years working in DC for an environmental agency. She can't come to see the house until August 15 and I'm leaving for NYC on August 12. I'm going to try to arrange to leave keys with a friend who can let her in and show her around. Assuming she likes the look of things, we've basically agreed that she will move in.

  • In non-moving news, I went to a play last night with a bunch of friends. William and Mary hosts the Virginia Shakespeare Festival every summer and the first play this year was Much Ado About Nothing. I knew the basics of the plot, but had never seen, read, etc. the play. I really enjoyed the play itself, the acting was good, and the production was all kinds of awesome. It was probably the best performance of a Shakespearian play I've seen at William and Mary. Last year, one of my friends, Andrew, and I saw Othello (might not have been VSF, I don't remember) and it was atrocious. They tried to make it in post-apartheid South Africa to make a political point but it would have made more sense in apartheid not post-apartheid South Africa, even then it would have been a stretch, and the entire thing was just very awkwardly done with conversations partly taking place on cell phones with actors on opposite ends of the stage and then suddenly they'd rush together because, oh wait, they were supposed to be exchanging physical items during the conversation, and random musicians in the background that were often louder than the actors and all kinds of problems. For Much Ado, they set it somewhere around Edwardian era / WWI. The soldiers were all fighter pilots and there was a huge plane prop they'd wheel out on stage and it was quite fantastically done. As soon as the lights went on for intermission, Andrew and I looked at each other and both said something along the lines of "Much better than post-apartheid South Africa!"

That's everything of interest I can think of from the past few days. I'll post pictures of the new place once I'm done unpacking. If I'm ever done unpacking.
Next on the agenda: breakfast!
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