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Posted on Sunday 14 June 2009 at 3:08 pm

One moving problem solved

I bought a few moving boxes today that I may not need anymore. I could only find medium boxes, so I didn't get very many because I'll need a lot of small boxes for heavy things like my four bookshelves worth of books. When it finally opened, I went to the comic book store to get a couple of archival comic boxes. I'm not sure when I move if I'm going to put the comics on the shelf or leave that room for books and do something else with the comics so I figured these boxes were the best idea for them. I mentioned to my comic guy that I'm moving and he told me not to buy any boxes. Ever. He took me to the storeroom / restroom where he had small and medium boxes stacked to the ceiling. He said to take as many as I need / could fit in my car today and feel free to come back for more. So I now have about eight small boxes that are perfect for books and four medium boxes from him for lighter things in addition to the medium boxes I bought this morning. If only he had been open before 1:00 and I found out about his raidable box stash before I bought the others!
Hungry; I haven't eaten today
Feeling: Hungry; I haven't eaten today
Exploring: Bedroom A.K.A. Box Central
Listening: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Who'll Stop the Rain [Live]

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