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Indy I B
Posted on Friday 5 June 2009 at 2:30 pm

Today SUCKS!

My parents arrive in Williamsburg tonight. My grandparents and one cousin arrive tomorrow night. They will all be here through next weekend for a week of them playing tourist and me playing tour guide. I'm looking forward to it but already know that by the time they leave I will be ready to say goodbye and get back to my routine. Isn't that the way it always goes? My plan for today was to get up around 8:00 or 8:30, go to the elementary school and say goodbye to the kiddies since this is their last Friday, run a few small errands, and spend the rest of the day watching TV and doing laundry. I don't think a single thing has gone right and I need to vent so y'all are stuck with long and ranty nonsense.

I woke up insanely early after basically not sleeping all night. I think there are two main reasons for this. First, I'm still looking for someplace to live. Over a month ago, my future roommates and I looked at a house that I thought would work and that we should take. We didn't take it then and finally got around to realizing that we are running out of time (meaning my current lease ends July 1 and I need someplace to live!) so we started talking about picking one of the places we'd seen previously. I was pushing for this one place if it was still available, which I doubted. I was going to call to find out, but Wednesday the online ad for it was removed. I assumed this meant it was rented and was really discouraged. Late last night, I saw that the ad was reposted saying not only was that house still available but there were two others in the same general area available this month. I wanted to call to talk to the landlord when I discovered the post, but since it was 11:00 at night, it was a little too late and I had to wait to today and was anxious about that.

The second problem that was on my mind all night was my insurance. I have a Student Insurance policy that is underwritten by a large insurance company. The Student Insurance is actually handled through a separate company, but the main company's name is on the card. There is something wrong in the computer systems used by medical professionals (don't ask me what) so that if they enter the code on the front of my insurance card and submit the claim electronically, it goes to the big company and is of course denied because I don't have insurance with them. The best part is that my mom has insurance through the large company and I used to be one her plan, so they pull up that old account under my name and send the denials to her based on me not having coverage anymore. I have repeatedly told the doctor's office they have to submit the claim physically to the address on the back of my insurance card. They got it right once and last time I spoke with the billing lady she was really nice and said she understood what was going on and would get it right from now on. Last night my mom received another denial from the wrong company and it included my doctor visit at the beginning of May, which was after the last time I spoke with the billing lady. I was worried about that all night because I don't have the money to pay a medical bill that my insurance should be covering!

When I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn this morning (5:45 qualifies as butt-crack, right?), I couldn't do anything about the housing or the insurance yet so I just played on the internet for a few hours. I shouldn't have. My shoulder is now throbbing from sitting in one position for too long. I ended up sitting for longer than I'd originally planned because the elementary teacher called me and said not to come in for various reasons so I didn't get to say goodbye to my kiddies. It finally got to be late enough I thought I could legitimately call the real estate agent about the three houses. I talked with him, got a few more details, exchanged a barrage of emails with the roommates, and it was decided we could visit one house anytime because no one lives there now and the key is under the mat and the other two houses are still occupied so we'll have to arrange something with the residents. The agent wanted me to drive by the houses and look at the outsides of them and decide if they look nice enough before he'd bother the current residents. So I got dressed and went and did that. Looks good, I called him back, he's contacting the people living in the houses and will let me know. I'm hoping he can arrange something for us to visit the houses this evening or tomorrow before my grandparents arrive because my folks will not mind a bit if I have to go house hunting but it will be much more difficult to arrange house tours around playing tour guide for my grandparents and cousin once they get here tomorrow night. I doubt he'll be able to, though, and the family will just have to deal because I need a place to live and will only have just over two weeks in which to move after they leave so I really need a place to which I can move before they leave.

After driving around looking at the outsides of houses, I was starting to feel a bit better because these are the best possibilities for places to live we've had in a while and I really think we can take one of these and be happy. I went to swing by the school pharmacy to pick up a prescription and discovered the med center is closed for the day (Employee Appreciation). The problem with this is that I ordered the refill on Tuesday and the pharmacist called me to say she didn't have any in stock, would order it, and would get it delivered. I have a lot of experience with my school pharmacy and I know the pharmacist places the orders on Thursday mornings and the deliveries are always Friday morning. She even said it would come in on Friday so I could pick it up that afternoon. Maybe it just slipped her mind that this Friday was a holiday for them. No biggie if I can get my prescription on Monday. But what about the Friday morning delivery? Was it delivered while no one was there? Did someone come in just to receive the delivery? Was there in fact no delivery and I won't be able to get my prescription until next Friday in which case I don't have enough to last?

I left the pharmacy and went to the doctor's office. I spoke with the billing lady yet again and she is totally confused, as am I. She printed out what she has in her system and showed it all to me. She has it in there to not send the bill electronically and to only send it by paper and she has the correct address. She sent the paper claims in mid May and they are still pending and she said that is what she expects because it takes at least a month with paper claims. As far as her information shows, everything is going to the correct place and we're just waiting but it should be fine. She cannot explain how the information ever got to my mom's insurance company and she was never notified of the claim being denied by them. So I guess the good news is the doctor's office isn't about to send a collections agency after me and still thinks the correct insurance is going to eventually approve my claims and pay what should be paid. The bad news is absolutely no one knows how my medical information is getting sent to the wrong people.

After the doctor's office, I was still feeling somewhat better than I was at the start of the day. I had a headache from lack of sleep and I didn't have an actual solution to either of my two big problems, but both appeared to be closer to being resolved. I got home and there was a small envelope in the mail about the grant I applied for to do research in New York City this summer. I have to go to NYC. There is no other way to do this dissertation. Those of you who've ever applied for college, for grants, for anything like that must know what comes in the small envelopes. Small envelopes only bring rejection because acceptance means a lot more forms that require a big envelope. I applied for three grants for this research trip and got both the other two, but the other two were through the college and total to less than $800 whereas this one was from outside and was for up to $4000. I'd been hoping to go for six weeks but now it is going to have to be just for four weeks and I don't know how I'm going to pay for even that. $800 isn't going to cover even a third of it. I've got some money in my savings account, but that has to last me through September when I start getting paid again. I know my folks will help me, but with the trip out here with my grandparents and the trip to Germany in Sepetember for a close friend's (Meike, my German "sister") wedding, they don't really have the money. I'll make something work because I have no choice, but I'm really bummed.

So now it is 2:30. I still haven't eaten anything yet today because I've been so busy (except for the bit of playing online around 6:00, but since I'm not usually up that early I wasn't hungry then). I have a headache and my teeth hurt so I think I've been grinding them. I'm tired, I'm frustrated, I don't know what to do about a lot of this, and I still have to run a few more errands and do laundry before the family arrives.


littlepixiechic at 8:51 pm on 05 June 2009 (UTC) (Link)
I'm really sorry you didn't get the grant and that crazy crap is going in with your insurance :( Not fun.
bratty_jedi at 10:39 pm on 05 June 2009 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah. I guess I just gotta keep hanging in there.

If I ever get a new place, you wanna be my first out-of-town visitor? :p
littlepixiechic at 3:12 pm on 06 June 2009 (UTC) (Link)
Definitely! :) I hope you're able to get one of those places and at least have that all squared away.
What's Taters, Precious?
mrstater at 9:26 pm on 05 June 2009 (UTC) (Link)
Aw, I'm sorry you're having to deal with so many frustrating things at once, and got bad grant news on top of that. I know how much you were anticipating that. I hope a visit from the family will be a nice distraction from all the annoyances. *hugs*
bratty_jedi at 10:41 pm on 05 June 2009 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. My mom called me about 15 seconds after I opened the letter (I hadn't read it all and it was only two paragraphs and I'm a fast reader). I said "Hello." and she said "You sound upset what's wrong?" Does my mother know me or what?
godricgal at 9:26 pm on 05 June 2009 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sorry to hear you've had such a poopy day. Though I hope you'll sleep a bit better tonight knowing that the insurance and housing are closer to being fixed. What a disappointment about the research grant; I'll keep my fingers crossed that you managed to sort out so you can still go and do what you need to do.
bratty_jedi at 10:44 pm on 05 June 2009 (UTC) (Link)
Here's hoping I'll sleep tonight. Of course, I'm on the couch tonight which might not help, but it is a comfy couch so we'll see. Mom and Dad got hotel rooms for them and my grandparents for the time everyone will be here but since it is just my folks tonight there was no sense in paying for a hotel when they can take my bed and I can take the couch. My cousin will be staying at my place the entire time but either she and I can share my bed or I'll throw her on the couch *evil grin*

Thanks for the crossed fingers. I keep hoping I'll win the lottery or something. It might have to be the or something, because I don't buy lottery tickets... My folks do sometimes so I guess they can win and give me some of the loot.
lady_katvic at 1:32 am on 06 June 2009 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, Rach, I am so sorry things have been so hard. I wish I could help. I would send you some money if I had it. Maybe if I sell enough stuff I can help. Hell, right now I wish I could at least give you a hug. *hug*

I hope that you visit with your family is pleasant. Tell your Mom and Dad hi for me.
bratty_jedi at 1:39 am on 06 June 2009 (UTC) (Link)
Don't you worry about giving me money. I'll figure out something. The virtual hug is enough. *hugs*

I shall tell them.

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