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Indy I A
Posted on Friday 22 May 2009 at 9:15 am

Driving Sans Speedometer

As I mentioned in my voicepost, my speedometer of my motorcycle appears to be possessed by a ghost. Or perhaps gremlins have gotten into the mechanisms. Gremlins are a big problem on bikes and you're supposed to have a gremlin bell to distract them. I don't have one because you can't buy it for yourself. Someone, preferably a more experienced rider, has to give it to you. My dad has mentioned that he should get me one, but then he always forgets. So now I have gremlins in my speedometer. Or, you know, we could skip the superstitious silliness and assume that it is a loose cable. ;)

Whatever the cause, I have no speedometer. I also have no odometer, which is royally going to screw up my mileage calculations when I next fill up with gas and when I finally get this all fixed, but the speedometer is the important part on a daily basis. A couple of days ago, I was going about 65, glanced down at my speedometer and it said I was going 0. It bounced back up to 40, then 0, then 20, then it just kind of twitched and jumped all over the place and finally settled back on 0. I don't think I really changed my speed at all in there and certainly not that much that suddenly. Now the stupid thing mostly sits on 0 with the occasional twitch up towards 10. I honestly think the cable connecting the speedometer/odometer to the tire which tells the speedometer/odometer how many times my tire has rotated so it knows how fast and how far I'm going has come loose so there is no data going into the speedometer/odometer. I could take it all apart and try to fix it myself. Problem with that is, while I am very good at taking things apart and finding the problems, I am not so good at fixing the problems and getting everything back together again. I could take it to a shop and have them fix it, but that would cost more money than it really should. So I am just going to wait the approximately two weeks until my dad comes to visit and he can fix it. Good timing!

In the meantime, I have to drive the motorcycle without a speedometer which is very frustrating. I could just not ride the bike at all, but that would be even more frustrating. As long as there is a decent amount of traffic, I'm OK without the speedometer. It isn't perfect, but as long as I make sure I'm not the fastest vehicle, I should be doing OK. The problem comes when there isn't much traffic. I am basically estimating my speed based on what I know about the sounds of the engine and the feel of the wind. I got to tell ya, trying to decide if the wind resistance is that of going 60 or that of going 70 is a very imprecise science. Here's hoping I don't get a ticket before Dad gets the thing fixed.

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