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Indy I A
Posted on Tuesday 19 May 2009 at 4:03 pm

LJ Flexi Square Layout Change

As I mentioned in my previous random update post, I've been playing with LJ layouts again. I was messing around with a Flexi Squares layout on my free tester journal and noticed something new. The biggest problem I've always had with the free Flexi Square design is that there is no link to the entry until after someone comments. Apparently the code has been updated because now the entry title serves as a link. It hasn't changed on my LJ (or that of most of the people I know who use Fleix Squares) because we've made changes to the theme layer via the paid account settings and those changes override the default stuff. I might have to look into updating my theme layer to reflect this update to the basic Flexi Square code. I wonder if there is anything else that I haven't noticed...
Feeling: Hungry
Exploring: James City County Branch of the public library
Listening: Was listening to Dutch stuff; now background noise of people in the library

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