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Indy I A
Posted on Sunday 3 May 2009 at 10:13 am

Moving Decisions

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I met with a couple of girls on Friday. As much as you can tell in an hour meeting, they seemed like perfectly nice and reasonable people. We're starting to look for places and we'll probably be moving in together. In fact, we have an appointment at 5:00 today to look at a potential place. It is a three-story townhouse available June 1. It is a bit more than I'd call ideal for rent, but since utilities will be split three ways rather than two it won't be that much more total than I'm paying now and I'm willing to go up if it is a nice place. My current roommate found a coworker who is about to lose a roommate and will be moving in with her. The goal in both cases is to pay rent on the new places starting sometime in June while still paying rent here through June. It won't cost either of us too much extra and that way we can move at our leisure, which in my case means not being in the middle of a frantic move when my friend is here at the end of May and my family is here in the beginning of June. Hopefully everything works out the way we want it to.

Now comes the fun part: packing all my stuff. I've got way too much stuff. I say this every time I move, almost every time I dust, and randomly in between. The problem is I can't pick anything of which I can rid myself. It isn't that I need it all. I know very well I don't need it. But I like it and I want it. If a fire were to destroy everything today, I'd be upset, but not overly so. I'd just immediately start reaccumulating stuff.

In other news, I'm hungry! I have my oh so much fun colonoscopy tomorrow which means I can't eat anything today. The inability to eat is of course making me more aware of being hungry so I feel like I'm starving even though it is only 10:00 and I usually don't get around to eating anything until around now or even later than this. Bummer.

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