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Stack of Books
Posted on Friday 24 April 2009 at 6:39 pm

Two Problems and One Possible Solution

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Problem One: I am completely unmotivated and in a total slump on this dissertation thing. I think this is partly because it is so big with the light at the end of the tunnel still too far away to be glimpsed and what I'm doing now is boring and necessary but doesn't feel productive, partly because it is isolating work, and partly because it is just too easy to not get moving in the morning because I have no schedule and I always think I can do it later but later never comes.

Problem Two: There is no way the dissertation will be finished before I am off stipend. This means in a best case scenario I will need a part-time or full-time job for while I finish. In a worst case scenario, I will need a full-time job when I give up and quit (not very likely) or finish but still can't get a job (more likely than I'd like to consider). Well, realistic best and worst cases since absolute best would be for my family to win millions in the lottery or something so money won't matter and I'd rather not try to imagine what could be the absolute worst.

Solution: I just submitted an application to volunteer at the local public library. I explained in my application that I would like to volunteer for a couple of hours every weekday morning (except Fridays until school gets out for the summer since I still volunteer at my second grade class) and could come in on the occasional weekend. This should help with problem one because it will get me out the door in the mornings, get me in a working mindset so I can spend the rest of the day on my research, and give me smaller tasks that have concrete beginnings and endings (in a simple task like shelve these 50 books, I can see the stack getting smaller and know when I'm done). This should help with problem two because it will get me experience with libraries in general and get my foot in the door at the Williamsburg library in particular which increases my chances of being able to get a paying job at this or another library at some point down the line. Who knows, maybe I'll like it so much I'll decide to forget the PhD and go get my Masters of Library Science and become a librarian (again, not very likely).

Now that the application is submitted, I need to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my evening. I'm leaning toward doing some filing and cleaning in my room and then reading the responses to my Chalion post to see if they motivate me to start on the book itself ;)

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