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Poopy Head
Posted on Friday 13 March 2009 at 2:56 pm


The locksmith from yesterday (see here) said he would call this morning to give me an estimate and arrange a time to come change my ignition. When I hadn't heard anything by 2:00, I decided to try calling him. Problem: I didn't get a phone number yesterday. My bad. I tried googling the name of the company and found a hit in Norfolk, but not in Williamsburg. It is possible the Norfolk company is the correct one, in which case I have a possible explanation for why I haven't been called. Despite the fact that it is the same area code and not long distance, trying to call to or from my cell phone to anything not in Williamsburg itself usually requires that the area code be dialed. No idea why that is, but it messes people up calling me all the time. I decided to call AAA back to see if they could give me the contact information for the locksmith. They have absolutely no record of my call yesterday. Isn't that helpful? They're going to try calling the information they have on a Reliable Locksmith in this area, see if they can figure out what is going on, and will call me back soon. Supposedly. I just want my car to go vroom. Why is this so difficult?

EDIT: AAA didn't call me back right away. Instead, the locksmith company called me back. The guy that was out here yesterday (who told me yesterday that he was the owner) is apparently sick today. Since the full information on my call never came through from AAA since they lost it or something, and the guy who was working on it isn't feeling well today, I just kind of disappeared, or something. They'll be sending someone out tomorrow morning. Hopefully. After I got off the phone with them, AAA called me back to find out if the locksmiths had called. AAA said they'll call back tomorrow afternoon to make sure everything is actually taken care of at that point.

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