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Crystal Ball - Ron
Posted on Tuesday 27 January 2009 at 3:12 pm

Goals Progress Updates

If anyone is interested, I've been working on putting together that goal stuff I've mentioned before. I've backdated all the goal posts as I've been creating them so they don't pop up on the flists but I've added links to the main goal post and my current priority goals to the sidebar. I haven't created posts yet for all the goals, but I'm working on it and you can get to all the goals from the main goal page.

I realize in some ways no one but me may care about all of this because it is just about me trying to get what I want out of life and figure out what I'm doing and all this is a way for me to keep track of it all. But I hope people care, if for no other reason that having y'all occasionally be my cheering section might help. So I'll occasionally make posts about which one of the goal posts I've updated and how I'm doing generally. feel free to comment on any of the specific goal posts or the update posts or whatever. Also, with the reading goal, part of it is dependent on recs from friends, so make sure you give me book recs!!
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lady_katvic at 3:23 pm on 30 January 2009 (UTC) (Link)
You know I am always in your cheering section. *hugs* I care very much about what you get out of life. I might not always get to read about something until a little later, but I will always care.

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