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Got Milk?
Posted on Thursday 6 January 2000 at 12:18 pm

Goals: Health and Beauty: Eating

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Date Created: 27 January 2009

Date Last Updated: 27 January 2009

Long Term Goal: (1) Eat less beef and more fruits and vegetables. (2) Eat out less (3) Maintain a weight of approximately 125 pounds.

Immediate Action Plan: If I'm going to be making hamburger helper or something like that, I should get ground turkey instead. While I'm not a fan of turkey. once it has been HHed, I can't tell the difference anyway. Also, I need to look into chicken recipes and try substituting pork.

I can't eat most fruits and vegetable (especially veggies) but I need to make a more concerted effort to buy and eat the ones that I can.

I have a tendency to eat out in cycles. I'll go for a while where I'm eating out at least one meal a day and then I won't eat out at all or will eat at maybe once a week. I need to cut back on the times when I'm eating out basically every day. I think I'll try a limit: I can eat out on my own one meal a week and with friends two meals a week. That's eating out one meal every-other-day as a maximum. That should be reasonable: not eating out every day but not setting an unachievable goal either.

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