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Hogwarts Bears
Posted on Friday 23 January 2009 at 11:52 am

OTP Meme full reveal

There are still seven clues that haven't been guessed in my OTP Meme. If you want to take a shot at guessing them, head back to the original post and see what you can come up with. For those who just want to know, all the answers are behind the cut in this entry, along with a bit of information on the source material for the stuff no one guessed.

1. Girl power and a little technical help from a mad genius beats magic any time.
Hint: The magic isn't in this version.
Danielle/Prince Henry, Ever After: A Cinderella Story

2. They may not be the original princess and scoundrel, but they're close enough for me!
Han/Leia, Star Wars; guessed by mrstater

3. Can his head and body be a OTP that must never be parted?
Hint: If head and body don't count, how about him and his sword?
Highlander guessed by gilpin25; the character I love is Methos and I don't care who he is with as long as he stays alive (thus the head and body staying attached as a OTP)

4. If a real politician gave the speech that got her back, he'd never be reelected.
Hint: The speech is almost at the end of the movie.
The American President guessed by mrstater and Andrew Sheppard/Sydney Ellen Wade guessed by littlepixiechic

5. They blame each other for the crime that will ruin their careers, unless they cooperate.
Hint: Single book that I'd be surprised if anyone on the flist had read.
Thomas Bushell/Kathleen Flannery; The Two Georges - fantastic alternate history mystery novel set in a world in which the American Revolution didn't happen and the world is divided into a few enormous empires

6. Would their kids be half or quarter?
Hint: I doubt anyone has read these books though I've told y'all to. Repeatedly.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians guessed by littlepixiechic. Percy/Annabeth is the OTP.

7. Does it count as slash if they're basically asexual beings?
Hint: Beings (not human beings) is the key.
Crowley/Aziraphale, Good Omens; guessed by littlepixiechic

8. Bickering is always the adolescent way to say I love you.
Ron/Hermione, Harry Potter; guessed by mrstater

9. I always knew they'd be together, but the way it was done was too abrupt.
Hint: She had a crush first.
Harry/Ginny, Harry Potter; guessed by gilpin25

10. Even without knowing dad, their son picked just as silly of a nickname.
Indiana/Marion, Indiana Jones; guessed by mrstater

11. They've been on-and-off for millennia. If only he would remember who he is.
Hint: Trilogy that the flist may or may not have read.
Moraven Tolo (among other names)/the Lady of Jet and Jade (among other names); Age of Discovery Trilogy - epic saga that plays with two basic concepts: a society similar to feudal China encounters a society similar to the Aztecs on a previously unknown land and Gods, magics, and fantastic creatures are real

12. He went to war and watched her father die when she was just a baby.
Hint: Another possibly impossible trilogy (plus a prequel) that the flist may or may not have read.
Kedyn's Crow (among other names)/Alexia; The DragonCrown War cycle - The best constructed short-fantasy series I've ever read. It plays with all the usual tropes of epic fantasy (magicians, elves, dragons, normal folks, etc.; good nations fighting off an evil nation; in-fighting and betrayal; etc.) but the plot is more complex than most and the characters are amazingly believable.

13. They don't have issues, they have whole subscriptions (that ended much too soon).
Remus/Tonks, Harry Potter; guessed by gilpin25
mrstater's guess of Danny/Jordan from Studio 60 was a fantastic one as well and totally works and it isn't really her fault that wasn't what I was thinking.

14. He's head-over heels. She could be but is too focused on survival and using him.
Hint: First book of a new series that I read recently.
Katniss/Peeta; Hunger Games - This book is the start of a new young adult series that hits all my favorite buttons: dystopian society set in a slightly futuristic world and a person or people who recognize there is something wrong in the world around them and want to find away to make it right. Being the first book, this one is mostly about world-building and establishing the characters rather than undermining or overthrowing anything yet. What blew me away was the strength of the smaller plot of just the first book since usually that's pretty weak in this type of world-building start.

15. Five years hatred, ten years friendship, too few years love, then they killed her!
Luke/Mara, Star Wars; guessed by gilpin25


gilpin25 at 8:24 pm on 23 January 2009 (UTC) (Link)
Ooh, they were tough!:D I've only ever seen the Highlander film once and was quite surprised I remembered the main character's name, but that was it, I'm afraid. The one I should have got was from Good Omens as I haven't read/seen the rest. I've made a note of #12 though as it sounds interesting...
bratty_jedi at 8:55 pm on 23 January 2009 (UTC) (Link)
I figured there'd be at least a few that no one would get. I am surprised no one got Ever After, though.

Methos is from the Highlander TV show that came after the movie so if you've only seen the movie you wouldn't have a prayer of knowing the character. He's in my icon.

The DragonCrown War stuff is excellent! Be sure to read the prequel (Dark Glory War) before the trilogy (Fortress Draconis, When Dragons Rage, and The Grand crusade).

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