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Got Milk?
Posted on Sunday 11 January 2009 at 9:40 am

How the city hurts your brain - Boston.com

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Hey y'all. LJ has finally instituted a quick post button to add to your browser toolbar so you can easily share anything interesting you stumble across online. You should all expect this to mean I'll be posting more shorter entires to share links to news articles, silly stories, or whatever else I find online and think is cool. Hope you don't mind.

Today's story is one I was linked to from the blog of author John Scalzi (never read any of his novels, but I love the man's blog and short stories so I'll get to the rest eventually). Apparently, living in a big city makes you dumber. OK, that isn't exactly what the article says, but close enough. I love the country and being outdoors. My ideal would be to someday live in the mountains in Colorado, maybe a half hour drive from the closest grocery store and an hour or more from the closest "city." Now I've got more of a reason than I just like it.

How the city hurts your brain - Boston.com

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