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Crystal Ball - Ron
Posted on Wednesday 5 January 2000 at 6:58 pm

Goals: Personal Growth: Prioritizing

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Date Created: 10 January 2009

Date Last Updated: 27 January 2009

Long Term Goal: I've got my priorities set in terms of the big things in life (family comes first, loyalty to friends, etc.). I need to learn to prioritize the things I need and want to do on a daily basis to make sure everything gets done, maybe even before the last minute.

Immediate Action Plan: Set goals, both long-term ones as in this project, and immediate ones. Use Outlook/Google to set tasks with alarms for the more immediate things that need to be done. Be sure to set realistic deadlines and do everything possible to meet them. For the more big-picture goals, check in with this goal list at least once a week and update any relevant progress pages.

Progress Updates:
27 January 2009: I haven't been doing as well as I'd like in terms of checking in with the goals, but I'm not stressing about that. I've been too busy working on my sixth-year funding ap, which somehow seems much more important. :) With that out of the way, I should be able to get back to working on these more often.

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