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Posted on Thursday 13 July 2006 at 7:59 am

In sickness and in health

For those who don't know my extended family, here is the cast of characters in this post:
Katrina - my sister
Kasey - her fiance (not to be confused with my parents' dog, K.C.)
Ginger - Kasey's mother (not to be confused with my parents' dog, Ginger)
Ken - Kasey's father

Yes, my parents had both dogs before Katrina ever met Kasey. The names are sheer coincidence.

Katrina and Kasey have been engaged for close to 1.5 years (Feb. 15, 2005). When they got engaged, Kasey said he wanted the wedding to be within 6 months to a year. However, at about the six month mark, his mother was diagnosed with cancer in her jaw and everything kind of got put on hold. Over the past few months, Ginger has been doing better and they again began discussing a wedding though no details were set. Over the past few weeks/days, Ginger has been going rapidly downhill. They began doing chemo., she developed an infection in her eye that was spreading, they put her in the hospital, she developed pneumonia, etc. She is now on a respirator. The doctor says this is all a reaction to the chemo and they will have to stop that so there isn't much hope against the cancer. Ken has begun looking at burial plots.

The big question at the moment is will Ginger make it to the wedding. There is some talk of Katrina and Kasey quickly getting married in the chapel at the hospital and then having a larger ceremony later. I'm not sure how I feel about it. If it is the only way for his mother to make it, then it is probably the best option, but I personally wouldn't want a quickie-wedding. If Ginger does recover from the current complications, I think they will probably try to plan the actual ceremony quickly. The problem there is me. They are all in Texas and I'm in Virginia. I'm supposed to be the Maid of Honor and it's my sister for crying out loud so I obviously want to be there. I have a summer job and I only have 5 days off between the end of it and the beginning of classes in August. I suppose it is theoretically possible to have the wedding then and I could quickly fly home. The next time I could even think about going home would be Fall Break in October.

I'm really not sure what is going to happen. No one is. My request to anyone reading this:
If you believe in any kind of deity that generally accepts supplications from his/her/its/their followers, please make a request that Ginger at least makes it to her son's wedding and everyone finds the strength to deal with whatever comes next.
Feeling: worried

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