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Stack of Books
Posted on Sunday 2 January 2000 at 6:26 pm

Goals: Personal Growth: Time Management

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Date Created: 10 January 2009

Date Last Updated: 10 January 2009

Long Term Goal: Stop wasting so much time piddling on the internet and doing other pointless things so I'll have more time to do the things I need to do and the things I really want to do.

Immediate Action Plan: I really think the biggest time waster is the internet. The only thing to do is find some way to limit my internet time and become more aware of other times wasters. I've got two specific things I want to try for now. First, I've downloaded a Google Desktop gadget with the ability to have multiple timers and stop watches. Whether I am working or not, I'll start a stop watch every time I get on the internet to goof off. Constantly being aware of exactly how much time I spend online should help me to think about limiting it. On days when I am working, I will only goof off on the internet during specific break periods. I'll set a timer at the start of each break and when the timer goes off, I'll get back to work. Second, I've bought an appointment calendar. I'll still use my PDA/Outlook/Google Calendar to keep track of my upcoming schedule and what I should be doing when. The paper appointment calendar will be more of an after-the-fact journal where I can record what I actually did. I hope this will help me to find other wastes of time beside the internet and to figure out ways to cut down on those.

Progress Updates:
27 January 2009: I was filling out the planner every day for a while, then as the deadline for my 6th year funding ap got closer and I got more stressed, I stopped. With that deadline gone, I should be able to get back on track. I've been doing less well at the wasting time on the internet thing. I think I'll move that to my #1 priority in terms of goals I'm working on right now.

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