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Happy Everything
Posted on Wednesday 3 December 2008 at 1:43 pm

Cake and Rolling Pin Update

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I've changed my mind on the cakes I mentioned in my last post. I decided that cherry-pie filling cake just isn't Christmas enough and I think the snowmen would look better iced than dusted with powdered sugar anyway. So I got some stuff to make eggnog cake and eggnog frosting and some black food coloring so I can make the hat, eyes, nose, etc. I also got more peppermint candies so I can try again at making the peppermint tree cakes. This time I got peppermint sticks rather than balls so I can eat the leftovers the only way I actually like peppermint: roll an orange around so all the juice gets squished out inside then shove a peppermint stick into it and suck the juice through the stick like a straw. I'm going to try again crushing the peppermint candies, this time without benefit of the blender. Also apparently without benefit of a rolling pin, which was the number one suggested method. I know I used to have a rolling pin but I can't find it anywhere. I also couldn't find one to purchase at Wal-Mart which seems odd enough that I've decided there is a rolling pin conspiracy working against me.

Edit: Success with phase 1! I discovered that holding the cutting board on end and using one edge to pound away at the candies worked quite nicely. Of course, now I have a fine patina of peppermint dust covering practically every surface of my kitchen, but c'est la vie. Here's hoping phases 2 (baking cakes tomorrow) and 3 (decorating cakes Friday afternoon) go smoothly.

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