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Poopy Head
Posted on Thursday 4 September 2008 at 11:30 am


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This past weekend, I designed a work schedule. I knew that since I am working entirely on my own schedule this year (no classes, no exams, just me being paid to work on my own research) and I am the Queen Empress of Procrastination, I'd have to do something or else come May I'd have nothing done. Which would be very bad. In the past I've tried setting work schedules for myself, and I have never stuck to one in my life. I'm determined that this time will be different so I came up with a way to try to hold myself more accountable. I have a basic daily schedule that includes time for Dutch, time for dissertation work, and time for breaks and goofing off because I want to be realistic. The plan is that at the beginning of every week I will print a chart that has the basic schedule and blank grids for every day of the week. I keep track of whether or not I work when I'm supposed to, how many hours I need to put in over the weekend to make up for the lack of work if any, and metadata at the bottom on how many hours I'm plus or minus for the week and for the semester. There isn't any enforcement mechanism, but just seeing in writing how much time I'm wasting and how far behind I am should help motivate me to not get behind. I hope.

I began working under my new system on Monday. I had a meeting with the other officers for the History Graduate Student Association (I'm the Vice President this year) Monday afternoon, so that threw things off a bit, but honestly not much. By the end of the day Monday, I was on-target for Dutch and one hour behind on dissertation work. Tuesday, I didn't feel like doing my second round of Dutch for the day in the afternoon so I was off one hour there but completely on target for dissertation work. Wednesday, I was very good and did exactly what I was supposed. After three days, I was one hour behind on dissertation work and one hour behind on Dutch and very proud of myself. That brings us to this morning...

I got up, played on the 'net, got dressed, and settled down to begin Dutch right on schedule. I reviewed yesterday evening's lesson, made flash cards for the new vocab words I'd learned, checked my grammar books for a couple of things that didn't make sense (and still don't, honestly), and then went to the online site for my new lessons of the day. I got a message from my virus scanner that a Trojan was detected and then nothing with the language program would work. The help center information said to uninstall ShockWave and Flash Player and reinstall and try it again. So I did. I even spent twenty minutes running a scan to make sure there weren't any hidden old versions of either (and found and got rid of a hidden old version of Java in the process), reinstalled and tried again. This time the virus scanner detected and quarantined five files as potential Trojans, all but one of them in some way associated with ShockWave.

Now I don't know what to do. I've spent all morning trying to get my Dutch program to work and am fresh out of ideas. What I should do is just forget the Dutch stuff for today and move on to dissertation stuff. I can try the Rosetta stone program again tomorrow and if I'm still having problems I can contact various tech support peoples and see if someone can help me fix this. But I don't wanna. The whole thing is just throwing me off and I can't concentrate on dissertation stuff because I keep thinking about the Dutch program and trying to think if there is something else I could try to fix it. I think I'm just going to take the day off. My new sectional (!) is being delivered tomorrow between 8:30 and 11:30 and I still need to rearrange the old furniture in the living room to make room for it so I could do that. I'll feel guilty for not working on Dutch and dissertation like I should, but at least I'll be doing something that needs to be done.
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labellerose at 4:49 pm on 04 September 2008 (UTC) (Link)
Well, if you are the Empressof Procrastinatin, can I be your amanuensis?

I am embroiled in aprhectthat has to be based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics approach, which I happen to loathe, loathe I tell you.
(Yeppers, let's all sit' em down with blocks to 'discover' while the kids in Bangalore, are, y'know actually doing something. But I digress)

So I've been putting it off.

I hoist a virtual cup of herbal tea your way.
sandykidd at 4:58 pm on 04 September 2008 (UTC) (Link)
Ugh. I just got my schedule right and got myself into a new project that upended all my tidy little blocks of time into an unholy argh. Ah well. I do tend to pull it all together in the end or apologize a lot...

But of course I have no advice for you. I stick to my schedule pretty well, but I rewrite the whole thing about twice a month, so... Maybe that's the strategy. Plan, re-plan accordingly, and plan again. I try to pick the two or three biggest things and stick them into any schedule first and then shuffle everything else in around them. But I think that's how everyone does it, so...

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