Rachael (bratty_jedi) wrote,

Harry Potter meme

I'm only a few days late with this one, right?

List the Hogwarts Houses in order of which House you'd most likely be Sorted into (1 being most likely):
1. Ravenclaw
2. Gryffindor
3. Hufflepuff
4. Slytherin

Actually, I think the first three are a toss up and the fourth is a definite no.

List 3 characters you think you'd be good friends with:
1. Remus Lupin
2. Ginny Weasley
3. Luna Lovegood

List 3 characters you think you'd get into catfights with:
1. Hermione Granger (we'd both have to be right all the bloody time)
2. Molly Weasley
3. Draco Malfoy

List 3 characters you think you'd ask on a date:
I don't know. I tend to just look for friends and am then just roll with it and see what happens when/if one of my friends asks me out.

List 3 characters you think would ask you on a date:
I'm not really sure since I'm always surprised when people do ask me out.

List 2 classes you think you'd excel in:
1. History of Magic
2. Defense Against the Dark Arts

List 2 classes you think you'd fail:
1. Divination
2. Potions with Snape but I'd do fine with anyone else

What form do you think your Patronus would take?
No real idea. Maybe a dragonfly? I like those.

What 'rare' ability (like Parseltongue, Animagery, or speaking Mermish) would you have?
Ignoring the ability I made up for my Mary Sue, I'll go with being an animagus. Everything else sounds kind of boring, really.

What's in your wand?
Hair from a sphinx.

The Wizengamot is thinking of exiling you from the Wizarding world. What's your defense?
The law I broke was stupid and unjust anyway so breaking it really was a good thing. I promise.

In what way do you think you'd not fit in the Wizarding world?
I love my Muggle technology. My laptop and internet, hand-held computer and music player, cell phone, GPS, etc. are way too important to me.

If Dumbledore's Army was illegally re-formed but necessary for keeping Hogwarts safe, would you join?

What illegal magical object would you find most useful?
I'll take Sirius' flying bike quite happily!

Say you were Sorted into Slytherin, and as a result, you began getting a bad rep for no reason. What do you say?
I'd ignore the others and just keep being myself. If people can’t see that I don't act like the evil Slytherins and that there are good Slytherins, they've got the problem, not me.

Would you have participated in the Final Battle if given the option?

Who would you have dueled and won against?
Hopefully Dolohov and Bellatrix before certain events happened.

Any advice to real wizards and witches out there from a Muggle perspective?
You really should learn a bit more about the people with whom you share the planet and stop being so condescending towards the Muggles. Even those of you who supposedly like Muggles are very patronizing.
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