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Poopy Head
Posted on Sunday 15 June 2008 at 6:14 pm

LJ is driving me crazy and Indy IV take 8(?)

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I'm seriously going to scream. I set up a community as a paid community. I think i set it up for auto payments. I want to turn those off and switch it to a basic account. I cannot seem to change anything for the community. I switch to working as the comm but as soon as I go to the account page, it only changes things for my personal journal. Anybody got any suggestions?

I went to see Indy IV today. I think this was the eighth time for me. It isn't quite as bad as it sounds because I wouldn't have gone today except some of my friends were going. Andrew hadn't seen it at all yet. Jack and Lucie both saw it with me opening day and that was it. We went to the theater for the 12:30 show. Jack and I got there first and bought our tickets. Then Lucie got there and bought hers. Then Andrew got there and they were sold out! The movie has been out for weeks and hasn't sold out in some time (trust me, I've been there enough to know), but it sold out today. Jack, Lucie, and I tried to find three people willing to pay us for our tickets so we could get ones for a later show time with Andrew. We thought we had some takers but they bailed at the last moment. So we got in line to get tickets for the 3:30 showing anyway and figured we'd just eat the cost of the extra tickets. Then the people right in front of us were a group of three trying to get tickets for the 12:30 Indy so we sold ours to them right in front of the box office window. We ended up losing a dollar (the tickets were $7 each and the guy only had $20s) but that's better than wasting the $21 for all three tickets. When I then stepped up to buy my ticket for the 3:30 showing, the lady working looked at me funny and asked, "Are you scalping our tickets?" I assured her it was all legal and would take too long to explain. She shrugged and sold me my ticket.

Since we had three hours to kill, we ended up just bumming around. We got ice cream, went to the comic and book stores, and went to Panera for coffee and bread. It was fun. Then we finally got to see Indy in a nearly sold out showing which was great. I haven't seen it with more than four or five other people in the theater since opening weekend and I enjoyed the reactions of the crowd, especially the obvious first timers, almost as much as the film at this point. Jack and Lucie both agreed that they liked it much better the second time around and Andrew liked it quite a lot so overall it was a good day, even if it took longer than expected.

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