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Bratty - quill
Posted on Saturday 14 June 2008 at 9:05 pm

A Week in the Life of bratty_jedi, Volume 1

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Ganked from jadeddiva

Aim of the Game:
For one week, you are to post photographs taken during the day.

1. You must take between 6 and 8 new photographs per day.
2. Your WITL must be consecutive. No skipping days.
3. You must post your photographs at the end of that day, sometime after the last picture is taken.
4. Each photograph must have the time taken beneath and a title, with no other explanation.
5. You must post these rules at your first entry, then link back to it for the other six days so that people will know wtf you're doing.
6. Your post must say "A Week in the Life of [your name/username], Volume [whatever day you're on]."

11:00 Hiking: Stay off the mounds of dirts the civil war soldiers built to protect themselves from the flying bullets!

11:45 Hiking: Through the woods.

12:15 Hiking: Through cottonmouth (a.k.a poisonous snake) territory. I've only seen a snake out here once and didn't stick around to find out if it was a cottonmouth.

12:45 Hiking: Past the swamp. Did I mention it was really hot and there were insects everywhere?

1:30 Hiking: The weary hiker has had enough

3:00 Home, showered, and fed. Much better!

3:30 Pretending to work: packing checklists

3:45 Pretending to work: counting inventory. Why couldn't they have asked me to do this before all the boxes were out in my trunk?

5:50 Goofing off again: scanning pages from the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comic book for a new flister who asked nicely.

8:15 Goofing off again: making Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom icons. Someone requested the tux, right?

A Week in the Life of bratty_jedi
Volume 1
Volume 2
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Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7


train_lindz at 12:55 pm on 15 June 2008 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I want to go hiking now!
bratty_jedi at 1:24 pm on 15 June 2008 (UTC) (Link)
I love hiking. I just wish there was someplace a bit closer that had hills/rocks for a little climbing rather than the flat woods and swamps I've got.
drumher at 4:36 pm on 15 June 2008 (UTC) (Link)
Cool that you're doing this.

What battlefield were you hiking on?

Have you done a ToD icon on the bridge with the machete? That would be hawt!
bratty_jedi at 10:33 pm on 15 June 2008 (UTC) (Link)
It's fun!

I go hiking at the Newport News City Park. The entire Peninsular Campaign took place running all up and down in this area so I'm not 100% certain what the name is of the battles that took place in the area that is now the park, if they even had names. I could read all the signs up around in the park, I'm sure one of them would tell me, but that would make too much sense. Actually, I think I did read the signs at some point but I don't remember what they said.

I haven't got that far into ToD yet. I'll be sure to do at least one with the bridge and machete.

I was in Barnes and Noble with some of my friends today. There was a magazine with a close-up of Indy's face on it. I said I was 90% sure it was from Temple and my friends looked at me like I was nuts and said there was no way they could tell just from the face. There was just something about the lighting, the general look on his face, the positioning of the cuts on his face, the amount of scruff, etc. that just screamed Temple to me. Try explaining all that to the less obsessed...
drumher at 3:13 pm on 16 June 2008 (UTC) (Link)
I need to snag some Indy icons from you. I'm sorely lacking Harrison.

I doubt you could find a piece of land in your area that didn't have some kind of skirmish happen on it. That's soooooo cool. Los Angeles really is missing that kind of history and I love going to other states where history happened.

Try explaining all that to the less obsessed...

It's probably best if you don't...;)
bratty_jedi at 10:59 pm on 16 June 2008 (UTC) (Link)
I just upgraded to the 100 userpics so I could upload some of my new Indy ones. Unfortunately I think actually uploading the pics might have to wait until Friday...

Between the Revolution and the Civil War, the ground around here is most definitely blood-soaked. It is fairly cool. Of course, I think as a history PhD candidate, I'm required to think that kind of stuff is cool.

It's probably best if you don't...;)
Now she tells me that!
It's Me
vivnow at 10:34 am on 21 June 2008 (UTC) (Link)
The hiking pictures are great! Do you go alone? Is it safe?
bratty_jedi at 12:33 pm on 22 June 2008 (UTC) (Link)
I generally go alone. I'm not too worried. If I get hurt, I've got my cell phone and I've never seen anyone out there that made me the least nervous.

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