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Lego - Indiana Jones
Posted on Tuesday 27 May 2008 at 10:40 am

Need more Indy

When one of my obsessions is moved to the forefront, I want to be reading / watching / writing / whatever it 24-7. I can't help it. I am an obsessive fangirl and I have accepted my lot in life. Thanks to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, my Indiana Jones obsession has kicked into overdrive. The problem is that I don't have that much Indy stuff. I mean, when Star Wars kicks in, I've got around about 200 novels (adult and juvenile), umpteen billion comics, six theatrical films, two made-for-TV films, and a few cartoons to keep me busy. With Harry Potter, I don't have quite as much main source material but fanfic keeps the obsession fueled. With Indiana Jones, I just don't have that many options in my hot little hands.

I've got the first three movies. I watched Raiders and Temple with some friends on Saturday and Sunday evenings. We're holding off on watching Last Crusade because one of the guys started teaching a summer school class today and needed Monday to prepare. He'll let us know when he's got his rhythm down enough to take an evening off to watch the final movie. I don't have the TV show. I really want it but it is at best over $200 to get the entire series and at worst closer to $350.

I've got the adult novels. There are 12 of them and I've read them all in the past couple of months. I don't have any of the kiddie novels and, of course, since Indy IV has everyone on an Indy kick they're going for way too much on ebay. I've also got the novelizations of all four movies. I read Kingdom of the Crystal Skull's over the weekend, finished Temple last night, and will probably read the other two over the next day or two, but they're old news (I watch the movies in production order, Raiders then Temple, but read the novels in chronological order, Temple then Raiders).

I've got some of the comics. The adult Indy comics have been released in two waves. The first was under Marvel and I've ordered those off ebay (comics are never as popular as novels) but they aren't here yet. The second was under Darkhorse. Darkhorse is rereleasing all theirs in omnibus editions. I've got the first and just reread it, but the second and final one doesn't come out until late June. The young Indy comics are a bit harder to get a complete set and I haven't seen anything good on ebay yet for those.

There's the fourth movie which is growing on me the more I think about it. After seeing it on Thursday and then watching Raiders and Temple over the weekend, I decided that it felt more like an Indy movie than I'd given it credit for on my first viewing. To test this theory, I saw it again yesterday to compare it to the first two now very fresh in my mind. Yep. It is an excellent fit! I'm now completely OK with the one thing that I'd hoped they wouldn't do but they did anyway. There is still one scene that I think is utterly ridiculous and no amount of viewing will change that, but one ridiculous moment in a two hour flick is acceptable. I want to go see it again, but that's another $7. One or two more showings and I'll have paid more than I would for a DVD. But I want to go anyway.

I need more Indy but I'm fast running out of materials! There's more out there, which is the really aggravating part because I can't have it without paying way more money than I have or that I feel it is really worth. There are new comics and novels in the works that I'll eventually be able to get for cover price so no worries there but they won't be out for months. I think for today the solution may be to pay the $7 to go see Indy IV again and hope that will sate me. If not, I'm not sure what I'll do after that. Please no one suggest the double F word. I'm trying to find someway to feed this obsession just enough that the hunger will go away not create a whole new hunger!


gilpin25 at 8:53 am on 28 May 2008 (UTC) (Link)
LOL. I do worry about you! Mind you, when I first read this at 6.50am, I stared at the screen for five minutes trying to work out what the double F word was so I'm even more worried about me. I'm living proof of what obsessions do to you when you get older - destroy your brain!

I was going to discuss the film with you on your other post, but don't know how to do that spoiler thing...
bratty_jedi at 2:42 pm on 28 May 2008 (UTC) (Link)

LOL. I was wondering if people would get the Double F reference. I'm so badly tempted but I've got a meta fic I'm supposed to be writing!

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