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Posted on Tuesday 13 May 2008 at 10:21 pm

Spurs vs the Ref

Note: we/our = San Antonio Spurs. Yes, I am one of those fans that IDs completely with my team.

Last year, there was a ref that threw our best player out of a game for laughing. Our guy was on the bench, started laughing about something, and the ref tossed him from the game. The ref said our player was disrespecting him but couldn't ever really explain how. Two days later, the National Basketball Association announced that the ref in question was definitely suspended for the remainder of the season and possibly suspended permanently but they'd decide that for sure after the season ended. The door was left open for him to come back, but all formal announcements from the NBA and the statements to the press from the ref made it fairly plain that both sides were not expecting him to come back. He's bloody reffing the Spurs game tonight! This is a big game and we've got the psycho ref out there! What gives? Even if the NBA let him back generally, I would think having him ref a Spurs game would be a no-no.

EDIT: Damn. We lost, and I can't really blame the ref. We just sucked in the second half. Now if we lose either of the next two games we're eliminated.
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