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Poopy Head
Posted on Tuesday 6 May 2008 at 11:34 pm

Craptastic Internet

I am really tired of my wonky internet. For a few weeks now, it has been somewhat on the fritz but the past three or four days have been the absolute worst. I have to reload most pages multiple times before they will actually load rather than giving me error messages. Some pages won't load at all most of the time (most importantly, the Scrabulous Facebook app so it is my turn in five games and I can't play).

I'd call and complain but there are several problems with this theory, all of which stem from the fact that the account is in my roommate's name, not mine. All the bills and information arrive in her name so I legally am not supposed to open any of it. I give it to her and trust she'll tell me about anything important. I was griping at her about this the other night and she said she thinks our cable company may have sent a notice that the internet would be wonky for a few days while they're doing upgrades but she isn't certain. This has certainly been happening for longer than a few days but I can't really complain without knowing whatever the company might or might not have already told us. I also have no idea what number to call to complain since I don't have any of the paperwork and I'm not sure the company will work with me to resolve any problems since my name isn't on the account. The obvious solution to all this would be to talk with my roommate about it, but I've not been home during the days and she's not been home in the evenings for a few days so I haven't really seen her.

Bah humbug.

EDIT: The crappy internet let me play in a few of my Scrabulous games this morning. Hopefully it will let me do some more later today.
Feeling: Grumpy
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Listening: Garth Brooks - Wolves

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