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Posted on Monday 17 March 2008 at 4:18 pm

Shiny New Laptop is dead. Long live Shiny New Laptop.

On Thursday, Circuit City’s online status report indicated that my laptop was repaired and on its way back to me. On Friday, they sent me a tracking number that indicated my laptop was headed to someplace in Texas (not my parents’ house which would be a logical error since their address was on the warranty). I figured I had just been sent the wrong tracking number and would wait. Today, I still have no laptop and the online tracking said my package was delivered so I decided to call. The gentleman on the phone listened to my explanation of why I have no idea where my laptop is and would like some solid information on the matter. Then he typed for a bit, came back on the line, and basically said “There is a reason your laptop is going to that other place. Congratulations. They’ve decided your laptop is either irrepairable or costs more to repair than it is worth and you are getting a new one free of charge.”

He started walking me through the specifications of the laptop on offer. I pulled up the information for it and my old laptop online and compared them. It really seems like the one they offered is literally just the couple of years newer version of my old one. Most of the specifications are the exact same and the only ones that are different are slight improvements (e.g. 120 GB hard drive to a 160 GB one). The offer seemed perfectly reasonable so I approved it and a brand new Shiny New Laptop is supposedly on the way and will be here within ten days.

Now I just have two questions.

1) If I hadn’t called, when were they planning to notify me about all this? Why didn’t they call me Thursday when they must have made this decision or why didn’t the online thing say something more accurate than my laptop was repaired and on the way back to me?

2) Anyone have any advice on surviving the horror that is Vista which will be on Shiny New Laptop II?


godricgal at 10:06 pm on 17 March 2008 (UTC) (Link)
I've been using Vista full time since October and I've really only had two problems with it. One is that the software for my Samsung mobile phone is not supported by Vista -- I can live with this, or wait for Samsung to issue an upgrade. The other problem is to do with networking, and a lot of it may be a gap in my own knowledge, but I can't get Vista Home Ultimate to network with XP Pro, or rather, I can't get under the bonnet of Vista Home enough to get them to talk to each other. I'm sure it can be done, at least on a limited basis, but while they've made basic networking very easily, they've made it more tricky to get to the guts of it all. Vista to Vista networking, however, should be very easy.

Other than that, my transition to Vista has been as smooth as anything, and I rather like it. I'm not fond of the start menu, but it does have a handy search function which I'm beginning to get in the habit of using rather than clicking on the program I want. The file structure in Explorer takes some getting used to, but once you are, I think it's quicker. Windows Sidebar is another thing that you have to get into the habit of using, and of course, it's only as useful as the gadgets you actually have a use for, but I find it very handy to pull up the dictionary one and fire off a search without really having to stop whatever it is I'm doing. Apart from a few fundamental things, such as those I've mentioned, I don't find it all that different to XP and there's even an XP mode if you want to forget that you're using Vista (although I've never tried this so I can't vouch for its effectiveness.)

Long live Shiny New Laptop II!

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