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Thanks so much to everyone for the warm birthday wishes yesterday. The little graphics popping up all over the flist were especially appreciated.

Yesterday was, overall, a good day. The weather was all kinds of interesting. The day began warm and very rainy. Then it got warm and sunny. Then it became cold and windy. It just couldn't make up its mind!

My sister and then my parents called in the morning to wish me "Happy Birthday!" That was nice. My parents gave me my wrapped birthday present when I was home for Christmas so I opened it while they were on the phone. I got a very lovely dragonfly necklace. I love dragonflies on jewelry. It was nice talking to the folks except in the middle of the conversation my mom suddenly said "I've got to go. We'll call you back. Robin, hang up the phone!" My assumption was that someone was coming through on call waiting and she needed to take the call. They called back later and I was right. It was my Great Aunt Nora calling. Since she almost never calls, my mom knew it had to be important. Great Uncle Henry died yesterday morning. When I told my roommate she said "Oh. Happy Birthday to you." That sucked but I wasn't particularly close to Uncle Henry so I'm not depressed and bawling my brains out or anything like that.

The day got significantly better after that. I've been on a Harrison Ford kick of late for no apparent reason. I've watched several of his movies the past couple of days. I had a DVD set sitting around my apartment that I didn't want. It was completely unopened and was given to me as a gift but I had no interest in it. So I took it to Barnes and Noble yesterday and got store credit and walked out with four cheap Harrison Ford DVDs (Witness, Fugitive, Frantic, and Presumed Innocent for any interested parties). I spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling. Around 4, one of my friends came over to review for comps with my roommate. Starting tomorrow they're doing the huge, scary exams I did this time last year. I helped them review some and my friend gave me a Barnes and Noble gift certificate and a really cool toy Harry Potter Time Turner. I have awesome friends. Around 6, another friend came over and the four of us went out for dinner and ice cream then we came back to my apartment and watched Witness. I really love that movie.

So all-in-all I had a nice birthday. I'm trying to decide what to do today. I have some more papers I need to grade. I could really focus on that and have it done in a few hours, but I hate just concentrating on grading. I prefer to have a movie or something going in the background. It takes longer but I'm much happier while doing it. It has to be a movie I've seen a billion times, though. Maybe the Indiana Jones trilogy? The other option is to go out and spend my Barnes and Noble gift card and/or watch some of my new Harrison Ford DVDs. We'll see.

In other news, I have no news on my laptop. I sent it off to the shop and I'm waiting to get my updates on when it will be done. Hopefully I'll hear something tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm stealing time on my roommate's laptop. She's awesome like that.


What's Taters, Precious?
mrstater at 3:00 pm on 09 March 2008 (UTC) (Link)
Yay for a happy birthday!

And Witness is an awesome movie. I've caught it on TV twice since Christmas. I always have to watch and giggle at young Viggo Mortensen with his non-speaking role. The only unfortunate thing about that movie is that they used synthesizer instead of an actual orchestra for the soundtrack! It's a beautiful score, but the synth really dates a movie that should, otherwise, be pretty timeless.

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