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Poopy Head
Posted on Wednesday 5 March 2008 at 10:57 pm

Poor Shiny New Laptop

Monday night, I had my laptop sitting on a coffee table in the living room with the lid shut. I sat down in my chair, I lifted the lid, and my roommate and I both looked at my laptop with "WTF!?" faces as it made a loud popping and cracking sound. I quickly deduced that the two parts of the hinge connecting the screen to the base on one side of my laptop had slid out of alignment with each other or something and in order for it to open with the way they met, one part of it had to break. The left-side hinge of my laptop is now not only cracked but enough out of alignment that the screen tilts at a slight but noticeable angle and isn't very stable. The entire screen wiggles around and it falls shut at even the slightest provocation. Not good.

Tuesday I rushed the laptop to the store where I bought it. It is still under warranty so i spent about 20 minutes giving a clerk all the information he needed in order to ship it off to be fixed. When we were almost done, his manager came over and asked what we were doing. When the clerk explained, the manager turned to me and said that we could do it the clerk's way but it would take forever. He said that if they ship my computer from the store, it has to go through multiple processing plants and takes forever. The other option would be for me to go home, call an 800 number, and have them ship an empty box to me so that I could mail it. He said they would overnight the box and that I would send it directly to the repair center and it would shave days off the total turn-around time. I of course went for that option.

So after spending a good 20 minutes in the store on Tuesday, I came home and spent a good 20 minutes on the phone ordering my empty box. They were serious about overnighting it. It arrived this afternoon. I am going to drop off my laptop at FedEx first thing tomorrow morning and then I will be without Shiny New Laptop for I no know how long :( The guy on the phone said up to 10 business days. That's two weeks! I have Crotchety Old Laptop so I won't be completely computerless, but, as the name implies, Crotchety Old Laptop is cantankerous and just plain slow. What a bummer.

I'm hoping that they won't take the full 10 business days to fix my hinge (and look at my cd drive that occasionally acts up; I figure if I'm sending it in already and it is under warranty, might as well have them look at everything). I'm also hoping that without the shiny interwebs to distract me I'll be able to quickly finish grading my students' papers and then handwrite some fic that will just need to be typed when I get Shiny New Laptop back (or decide to bite the bullet and use Crotchety Old Laptop). We'll see how all that works out for me.

Oh, I took photos of my laptop (as well as copying everything from off the hard drive). Pics, in case anyone wants to see my busted hinge.

First, for comparisons sake, the front and back views of the unbroken right hinge.

Now, the broken left hinge. You can see the broken bit best from the back view and the out-of-alignment aspect best from the front view.

Schnazzy, no?


cuteej4 at 7:51 am on 06 March 2008 (UTC) (Link)
Dude! My old computer totally busted a hinge! I was holdin onto my computer whilst usin it. Luckily it was a work computer from my dad's office and he let me borrow another computer...that was just as old and lame. But not broken. Except the cord.

I have a lot of power cord problems.

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