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Stack of Books
Posted on Saturday 16 February 2008 at 9:48 pm

W&M You-Tube Videos

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For anyone who cares, here are some videos on you-tube about some of the things going on at William and Mary.

First up, one of the history professors talks about the s-word that is not allowed to be spoken on campus. This helps explain the reasons I was hesitant to cancel my class. If anyone asks, I didn't feel well on Wednesday/Thursday.

Next, another history professor (yes, my department is the rabble-rousing one) talks a bit about her communications with the Board of Visitors. The video cuts off but at the end she starts to get into my big fear about the entire situation which is what it will do towards undermining the protections placed around universities to guarantee academic honesty and create a place where learning and truth is sacred and all that other flowery language that gets at the heart of what universities are all about.

Finally, a montage of some photos set to a recording of the students singing the Alma Mater to President Nichol at the candlelight vigil I was at on Tuesday night. This one is quieter so you may need to turn up the volume if you want to hear anything other than the occasional "WILLIAM AND MARY!"

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