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Book Pink BrattyJedi
Posted on Thursday 14 February 2008 at 10:47 am

5 by 5 Favorite Music Meme

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Rules of the game:
- list your top five favorite musical artists.
- list your top five favorite songs from each artist.
- tag five people to do the same.

My number one and two favorite artists are set in stone. The rest of the artists and all of the songs are listed in no particular order and if you ask me to name my favorites three months from now you may get completely different answers. I had the hardest time picking five favorite artists. Just ask poor mrstater who had to put up with my dithering on AIM.

Ray Stevens - He's been my favorite musical artist since I was about six or so. The only thing that has changed is I now appreciate his talent as a singer and musician and his serious music more than I did when I was six and just liked his songs that made me giggle. Narrowing my 300+ Ray Stevens songs down to a top 5 had to be one of the most difficult tasks and I ended up with a fairly arbitrary list that could be completely different tomorrow let alone in three months.

Mr. Businessman
The Dog Song
Country Boy, Country Club Girl
Freudian Slip
Another Fine Mess

Jim Byrnes - Absolutely fantastic Canadian Blues musician. Listening to his music, you can really hear his soul, both how much he's suffered and the faith and hope he's maintained despite it all.

You Don't Know
12 Questions
Didn't It Rain
Treat Me This Way
Every Waking Moment

Beach Boys - Considering I've never touched a surf board, it is probably odd that I love their surf rock so much but some of the experimental stuff they did with their music just blows me away.

I Get Around
California Girls
Sloop John B
Good Vibrations

Stevie Wonder - He's another one who just puts so much of his soul and energy into his music. I love him, his piano, and especially his harmonica.

I'm Wondering
For Once In My Life
Sir Duke
I Wish

Phil Collins/Genesis - Maybe it's cheating to list them both, but I don't think so since I only really like Genesis from the Phi Collins years. His music appeals to the drummer in me.

No Way Out
Jesus, He Knows Me
Throwing It All Away
Two Hearts
Both Sides of the Story

I was taggedby mrstater so that means I don't have to feel quite so bad about making her listen to me whine about picking musicians. I'm not sure there are too many people left on my flist to tag. How about: littlepixiechic, lady_katvic, sandykidd, cuteej4, and auror_ithilien.

In other news, I'm going to go eat a late breakfast, work on Dutch for an hour or so, and then I'm doing fic for pretty much the rest of the day. Yay! As mentioned yesterday, I think I'm going to try doing the 1sentence thing somewhat on my own and pick an album for album_mix and put in a request for it. I'll keep y'all updated.
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