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I feel like this should come with a serious warning. I got way too into this whole thing and ended up with a 5,668-word story on my Mary Sue. Hope you don't mind long! Also, I really couldn't stand to do anything to break up Remus and Tonks and I wanted my Mary Sue to live happily ever after with her man. So since I couldn't have Remus, I gave myself the next best thing!

Or should that be:
OMG! Super long and cool fic! Teddy/OFC. I am teh suck at summries so jus trust me!!1! This is good!! r&r plz!!

No one knows where she came from. She was found in a field at dawn, wrapped in a blanket and wearing a tiny bracelet of the finest pearls. She was quickly placed in an orphanage (not the same one as Tom Riddle because that would just be creepy), where they named her Megan Dawn. Growing up, she never felt the name Megan quite fit. When she learned to write, she tried changing the spelling to Meghan. That felt somehow better, but she still knew it wasn't really her.

Meghan had a relatively happy and uneventful childhood at the orphanage. She was an adorable child with vibrant, azure eyes and long, wavy, golden honey hair. She was naturally curious, loved learning, and excelled at school. She had a tendency to disregard any rule she felt was stupid or pointless but seldom got in trouble. Most of the time, Meghan wasn't caught because nothing went wrong. Meghan was a smart little girl and knew which rules really were there to protect her and which were dumb ones just there to make life easier for the adults and only broke rules from the latter category. On the rare occasions she misjudged and should have been hurt or should have broken something, things always seemed to happen that she couldn't explain. Broken objects would suddenly be fixed and her own cuts and scrapes would disappear.

Meghan was at her happiest when she was telling stories. The kids at the orphanage would gather around and she'd weave her tales for them. She often said she could just close her eyes and the stories would appear, almost as if she were a bird flying above the scene she described. Most of Meghan's stories were normal ones about children playing in meadows, woods, and streams or about couples meeting and falling in love and beginning a life together. Every child at the orphanage had his or her own favorite characters. Each time Meghan would tell a story, she would pick a child in her audience and tell a story for him or her, focusing on the characters that child liked best. Some of Meghan's stories involved magic and the witches and wizards who were trained to use it. Those were her own favorites and the stories that came to her not when she focused on one of her friends but when she held her pearl bracelet.

One day, just before her eleventh birthday, Meghan was called to the front office. Waiting for her was a man with a round face and an owl perched on his shoulder. He seemed nice and said he wanted to talk with her in private. There was something about this man that intrigued Meghan, though she couldn't quite explain why. For most people, the owl would have been a hint of something unusual but Meghan knew that wasn't what was confusing her. The faint scars on the man's face weren't anything too out of the ordinary and his smile was warm and welcoming, but there was something in his eyes that hinted at quiet power and drew her in.

The man quickly introduced himself as Neville and escorted her to a door she had never noticed before, behind which was a small and empty room. When they were alone, Neville explained that he was Deputy Headmaster of a school that was possibly interested in her. Meghan quietly listened, eyes growing wider by the minute, as Neville elaborated on the nature of his school. It was a school for witches and wizards and children with the talent had their names magically entered in a book on the day they were born. It was part of Neville's job to contact all the children old enough to enroll each year. This was normally an easy job, letters were sent out with the school owls to all students and he followed with explanations for the parents and guardians of children who were previously unaware that magic existed. This year, however, there was one special case. There was a name in the record book with no additional information given. There was no address and there wasn't even a surname. Or perhaps he only had a surname and there was no first name.

Trusting in the school owls who had never failed to make a delivery, he had addressed a letter with this single name and sent it out as usual but he followed the bird. The owl had come to the doorstep of the orphanage and he had asked the staff about any children who seemed unusual. Their answers led him to believe Meghan was the intended recipient of the letter. Neville produced an envelope from deep within a pocket of the cloak he wore and held it out to Meghan. She could see the faint marks from where the owl had gripped the letter when it flew to the orphanage door but more importantly she read the single name scrawled across the front. She whispered her name as she took the envelope from Neville, or Professor Longbottom as she learned she must call him, and knew she was on her way to finding her true identity. "Rayhiana."

At Hogwarts, Rayhiana continued to be an excellent student. She was a natural Ravenclaw, her curiosity driving her to learn everything she could about her new world. She was particularly interested in theory, asking questions about concepts behind the creation of spells and picking them apart in her mind while many of her classmates were still struggling with practical application of the magic they were learning. She showed no interest in playing Quidditch, but developed a love for the game anyway and could explain moves and strategies better than most players and recall statistics and scores for all the greatest players and games and most of the not-so-great ones. In the beginning of her third year, she was made the announcer for all Hogwarts Quiddith games, using her knowledge of the game to provide detailed analysis of every move. She still pushed at rules she felt were stupid but was now caught much more frequently and spent at least one Saturday afternoon every month sitting in detention. She generally fit in better with her magical classmates than she had at the orphanage and had many friends but no best friend in whom she could confide all her secrets.

In her first few of years at Hogwarts, she seemed perfectly normal for a young witch, but the other students slowly began to notice something a bit odd about Rayhiana. In her first three years, Rayhiana had been one of the few students who really paid attention in History of Magic. This wasn't all the unusual since she was a Ravenclaw and paid attention in every class. During her fourth year, she started to gaze into space and apparently daydream during Professor Binns' lectures like most of her classmates and, to the annoyance of some of her fellow students, maintained the same perfect grades as before. Then one day, shortly after Halloween, she stayed after class to speak with Professor Binns' about the day's lecture. She sought clarification on a point he had made and argued with him on his interpretation, bringing up relevant facts he hadn't mentioned. When Professor Binns pushed her on her sources, she shrugged and said she must have seen it somewhere. He dismissed her as an annoyance and told her to find references for her information if she wanted to continue the conversation.

The next week, she came to class with a stack of library books marked with quotes to support her earlier points and they continued their debate. Rayhiana never spoke up during class itself, never took any notes during the lectures, and appeared to daydream, but after that day she approached Professor Binns after classes and during breaks at least once every week or two in order to discuss the History of Magic. Sometimes she disagreed with him, sometimes she merely wanted clarification, and sometimes she agreed and wanted to add bits of supporting information he hadn't mentioned and frequently didn't know. Professor Binns began to look forward to his discussions with Rayhiana., the first in decades to make him think beyond his pre-written lecture notes. Anytime he asked her for sources, she would always reply that she'd seen it somewhere, couldn't remember exactly where, but was sure she could find it if he really wanted. He eventually stopped asking how she knew the things she did.

As Rayhiana's interest in the history of magic grew, so did her fascination with the theories behind the magic she and her classmates were being taught. She was always questioning her professors as to why certain plants combined with others produced specific results, why certain wand movements and words joined to cast specific spells, and how it was that witches and wizards first figured out all of these magical combinations. Most of the time her questions got her a list of books to read, which was precisely what she wanted. Anytime she was not in class, eating, moderating Quidditch games, or just hanging out with her large group of friends, she was in the library reading. Holidays were her favorite since she stayed at Hogwarts while most of her friends went home so she could spend uninterrupted hours with her nose is various books. Thanks to all her diligent study in magical theory, by the end of her fifth year, Rayhiana had created two brand–new different but closely related spells. The first allowed the caster to mentally relive everything he or she had done in the immediate past. The exact length of time depended on the ability of the spellcaster and the emotions connected with the time. More powerful emotions could result in longer times, but seldom were people able to go beyond half an hour. This spell was especially useful to those who had just misplaced something or forgotten what someone had said. The other spell allowed the caster to mentally see everything that had recently happened in the immediate area where the spell was cast. This was met with the same limitations as the first spell and was, unfortunately, especially useful to teachers trying to find out who had committed some prank or other rule violation. As a direct result, in her sixth year Rayhiana invented her third spell, one that when cast would create a small window of time in which activities performed could not be seen by someone later casting her second spell.

Also during Rayhiana's sixth year, an event happened that would forever change her life. She took NEWT-level Transfiguration. On the first day of class, all the students were informed that they had one week in which to choose the student who would be their partner for the year. If they couldn't choose their own partners in that time, one would be assigned to them. They would sometimes work together with their partner but they would also sometimes be forced to work against their partner so they were instructed to choose wisely since their grade would depend on their partner's help but also their ability to beat their partner. When the idea of partners had first been raised, everyone in the room had looked at one of two people. All the Slytherins and Ravenclaws looked to Rayhiana while all the Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors looked to the tall Gryffindor boy with the long, almost heart-shaped face and the usually but not always bright-blue hair. Rayhiana knew Teddy Lupin, of course. They were in the same year after all and had had a few classes together over the years. He was a Metamorphmagus and a natural at Transfiguration. From everything she'd heard, the orphaned-boy's parents had been a Metamorphmagus and a werewolf so she supposed Transfiguration was in his blood. He seemed nice enough but Rayhiana had never really spent much time with him. As soon as the professor explained that they would sometimes have to compete against their partner, no one wanted to be paired with Rayhiana or Teddy anymore. He was the best at Transfiguration and she was one of if not the best at every subject thanks to her fascination with theory. They would smash any other partner in competitions, which would, quite frankly, be rather boring and unchallenging anyway. They both immediately realized all this and turned to look at each other across the room. As everyone else began whispering, trying to decide whom to work with, he merely cocked one eyebrow at her, she smiled and nodded, and their partnership had begun.

The early days of their partnership were a bit rocky. Rayhiana came at everything very logically, thinking through problems and doing research to find answers. Teddy was more intuitive. It wasn't that he wasn’t smart, just that he could look at things from a different angle and used his emotions and the way magic felt as much or more than he used his head and what made sense. They had constant fights about the best ways to approach their assignments when they were supposed to work together and most of their head-to-head competitions ended in stalemates with both completely exhausted. All that changed one day when Teddy was a bit late for a study session. Rayhiana was killing time by looking over the notes she had made on her attempts to create what would become her third spell, the one that shielded people from being observed by her second spell. She was stuck and couldn't figure out the problem. When Teddy arrived, he asked why she was frowning and looked so deep in concentration. Despite her misgivings about his methods, Rayhiana had to admit Teddy was good at magic so she confided in him what she was working on and that she was stuck. He asked her to attempt to cast what she'd created so far and told her where it "felt" wrong. She didn't understand what he meant and he couldn't explain any better than to say that at one specific moment, her spell attempt felt like it was fighting against the way the magic should flow. With mutual shrugs, they set it aside and completed their homework. Later that night, alone in her bed, Rayhiana was again going over her notes. She found herself staring at the place in her notes that corresponded with the moment in the spell Teddy had insisted "felt" wrong. After several minutes and much contemplation, she realized there was a problem exactly where he had indicated and she knew how to fix it. The next day she went rushing to the Gryffindor table at breakfast and excitedly told Teddy of her epiphany and how she would never have found the problem and solution so soon if it weren't for his help. He shared her joy and each realized they could learn from the other's methods if they were open to the possibilities.

As they left behind their earlier antagonism and began to cooperate more, they became true friends. They discussed the pain only another orphan could know. She was sometimes a bit jealous of the family he did have, both the real one with his grandmother and the surrogate one he'd found in the Potter and Weasley clan, but even with that he'd still never known his parents and that meant a lot more than any minor differences. They talked about their hopes and plans for after school, or really the fact that neither one had much by way of concrete plans for after school. Rayhiana slowly began to realize that in Teddy she had found a real friend. This wasn't one of the large group of buddies she had, people she could hang out with and have fun with but not really confide in. Teddy was someone with whom she could share her secrets, perhaps even share her deepest secret. With his intuition and heart-felt understanding of magic, it was even possible he could help her.

As Rayhiana grew closer to Teddy and learned from his intuitive ways, she began to understand herself and her own secrets better. She finally made the decision to tell him the one secret she had never shared with anyone. The day after she made her decision, they were the last two in the library when it was time to close. She thought she could tell him the hall. Perhaps they could stop and sit on a staircase to talk before heading for their respective common rooms. Before she could make such a suggestion, he asked if she wanted to go outside and go for a bit of a walk. They didn't have much time before curfew, but there was a light in his eyes that said he really hoped she accepted so she did. When they stepped out into the moonlight, she realized he looked a bit different. The change had been subtly happening over the past few weeks so she hadn't noticed before. Teddy's normally bright turquoise hair had slowly become a deeper blue. A blue, she suddenly realized, that matched her own azure eyes. She pondered this revelation as they walked side-by-side and he suddenly grabbed her hand and gently tugged until she turned to face him. Teddy confessed that he'd realized that he liked her as more than a friend. He cherished her friendship but wanted to try being something more because he was sure he was falling in love with her. He promised that if she didn't feel the same way, he'd be fine with that. They could still be friends and he wouldn't make it awkward or anything but he really wanted her to consider giving them a chance. Rayhiana's brain couldn't quite process what he was saying so she did what he would do and listened to her emotions. She stood on her tip-toes and quickly kissed his lips before turning and running to her dormitory without a word or a glance back.

The next few days were a bit awkward as they tried to figure out exactly what this new step in their relationship meant. As their friendship got back to normal, with the addition of lots of snogging in empty classrooms and broom cupboards, Rayhiana realized that Teddy's revelation and the change in their relationship had derailed her plans to tell him of her secret. Now she wasn't sure she could. Would he feel betrayed that she hadn't told him before they started dating? What if they broke up? Would he betray her trust and tell someone her secret out of anger or spite? She didn't think Teddy would do something like that no matter what happened, but she couldn't be sure. So she waited. But since she knew she wasn't being truly honest with Teddy and things might end very badly, she decided it would be better to keep the damage to a minimum by keeping their relationship as secret as possible. Since neither one of them had a close friend outside each other, neither had confided their relationship in anyone from the start. They also had not yet been caught snogging so no one had realized they were dating in the few days it took Rayhiana to decide she didn't want anyone to know. Teddy didn't understand why she wanted it kept secret, but agreed. When they went home for the summer before their last year at Hogwarts, they agreed they would write often and he would tell his family he had a girlfriend but he wouldn't reveal her identity. Rayhiana wasn't overly happy but it was the best compromise they could come up with.

Their final year at Hogwarts was fantastic. In some ways, keeping their relationship a secret merely made it more exciting. Early in the year, Teddy confessed that he'd been hiding something from Rayhiana. When he'd started his fifth year, Harry Potter had given him something that had originally belonged to Teddy and Harry's fathers. With the Marauder's Map in their possession and the ready excuse of still being Transfiguration partners, the clandestine lovers found it easy to maintain a façade of friendship and keep their romantic trysts a secret. The various Weasleys, now joined by the eldest Potter child, often tried to figure out the identity of Teddy's secret girlfriend but no one ever guessed it was Rayhiana.

One evening, as they walked alone in an otherwise abandoned section of the grounds near the Hogwarts graveyard, Rayhiana's brain finally caught up with her emotions. As she glanced at her boyfriend out of the corner of her eye, she realized she had unknowingly given her heart to him long ago and that he would never do anything to hurt her. She suddenly decided to tell him her secret. He was more than a bit surprised when she told him she had something to say, they should probably sit down and get comfortable, and she would really prefer it if he didn't say anything until she was done. The glimmer of fear that he was about to be heart-broken left his eye when she began to explain.

She told of him of the stories she had told the other children at the orphanage. He already knew she'd done this but now she explained that she was serious when she said the stories just appeared in her mind like she was watching from the sky. As a child, she hadn't understood what was happening. She merely knew she wasn't making up the stories as everyone assumed. She explained about how she'd suspected something magical was going on when she'd arrived at Hogwarts and recognized parts of the castle and grounds from the stories of witches and wizards that had come to her when she held the pearl bracelet she'd been found with as an infant. She told him about the day in History of Magic when she hadn't been feeling well and began to daydream in class for the first time in her life and then suddenly realized that she wasn't really daydreaming but was witnessing what Professor Binns was lecturing on the same way she'd watched her stories appear in her mind. She explained about her work at trying to harness and perfect this strange power she had, at first using History of Magic to help her improve and then developing a fascination for the past she was witnessing in its own right. She told him of her attempts to understand magical theory to find an explanation for her gift and how the spells she had invented were almost accidental by-products of that quest. And she explained how he had unknowingly provided her with the key to unlock it. His intuitive understanding of magic and his insistence that he could feel it flowing slowly made her realize that the visions she was getting were coming directly from those around her. Somehow magic was flowing through others to present her with images from the past. The stories she told for the children at the orphanage were stories of each child's parents' lives. Professor Binns as a ghost was more closely connected to a larger spirit world. That combined with his many long years spent studying history made it possible for her to see anything he lectured on. And the stories that had come to her as a child when she clutched her pearl bracelet were scenes from the lives of her own unknown parents. It was the emotions of the people around her and the connections their blood or being gave them to those who had gone before that allowed her to literally observe the past.

Teddy listened as she explained everything. When she was finished he asked why she'd never told anyone, told him, before. At first she hadn't realized that her childhood stories really were magic. It wasn't until that fateful day in History of Magic that she'd begun to realize and investigate. Once she began to understand what was happening, even if she didn’t know exactly how or why, she'd wanted to keep it to herself because she didn't want to be used. She'd been afraid of people demanding that she try to look into their background. She was also worried that people would think she was abusing her power, that she would use it to pry into their lives and examine their secrets. She apologized for not telling Teddy sooner. She explained how she'd been about to a few times but somehow she always got derailed. He was silent for a while and finally asked if she had ever looked into his past, into his family. She whispered, "Never," and he said he needed a little bit to process. They walked back to the castle together but without touching and parted ways to go to their own common rooms without a word or a kiss.

The next day, Teddy was an absolute mess. His hair was brown and stringy, hanging down into his eyes. She watched him at breakfast, hardly eating anything herself, and internally cringing every time he raised one long finger to brush the hair back from his face and she could see the bags under his eyes from lack of sleep. They didn't have any classes together that day so it wasn't until after dinner that evening that they were able to talk. Even though he arrived for their Transfiguration study session twenty minutes early, Rayhiana was already waiting for him at their usual study table, staring down at the wood in front of her. He dropped his bag, plopped in his chair, and began pulling out his books, quills, and parchment without saying a word. But every time he set something on the table, his fingers gently brushed her hand. When she finally looked up at him, he smiled at her and leaned across the table toward her. He whispered that he'd been up all night thinking about everything she'd told him. He said ultimately he wasn't happy that she'd waited so long to tell him but she had finally told him and it was her secret and her decision to make all along and she'd had her reasons and he would respect that. He gave her a smile and a wink and she grinned back, wanting to lunge across the table to kiss him but stopping herself since they were still technically secretly dating and any decision to go public should be a mutual one not something forced upon one of them by the actions of the other.

Ultimately, they decided to keep things secret. It added a bit of spice to the relationship and just one-day announcing they were going out seemed a bit anticlimactic. After all the time spent keeping his family in particular guessing, it would be more fun to reveal her identity in some suitably impressive fashion. They spent their time together studying for their fast-approaching NEWTs and debating what would be a suitably impressive fashion. They also discussed her gift. Teddy admitted that he didn't want her to feel like he was using her the way she said she'd been afraid people would, but he would like to know more about his own parents. Rayhiana had an idea on that front. She'd gone about as far as she could with her studying her gift on her own but she felt certain that with his intuitive understanding of magic he might be able to help her learn more. They wouldn't be using each other if they were working together and helping each other. She didn't admit to him, but she was a bit afraid of what they might see. In their many conversation since becoming friends and then more than friends, he'd told her some of the stories he knew about his parents. Most were happy stories about his father's time as DADA professor, his mother's work as an Auror, and their work together for the Order of the Phoenix. But he'd also shared with her the few things he knew about his father's doubts regarding his lycanthropy and the strains that had put on his parents' relationship. She was scared that she'd things that might hurt Teddy and wasn't sure she could or should hide it from him if she did.

Despite her anxiety, they began to work on building her gift and finding out what they could about Teddy's past. To both their surprise, the scenes she saw were all exceptionally happy. She tried to tell him the jokes that passed between them as they walked hand-in-hand by a lake and of the pure joy on both their faces when his father came up behind his mother and reached around to rub a hand over her rather large belly. No matter how well she tried to describe what she saw, neither were happy that he couldn't see it himself. One day Rayhiana announced that she knew what she wanted to try to do next to further develop her powers. She wanted to explore ways for her to project the images she saw to someone else.

They began researching and experimenting, trying to find ways for her to share her visions with him. Since the visions were ultimately coming from him and his blood, Rayhiana was certain it should be possible but they weren't getting anywhere. Teddy kept insisting that they just didn't have enough time to devote to it around preparing for their NEWTs, but Rayhiana felt certain there was something blocking them. As time went on, she began to feel that he was somehow blocking their efforts. She finally confronted him with her suspicions. At first he denied anything. He was trying his best and was upset that she didn't believe that. When she explained that she believed he was trying his best and she felt whatever was blocking them wasn't something he was consciously doing, he realized what was wrong. He confessed that he wasn't sure his heart was totally in it. He told her that he couldn't understand why she never saw any of the bad times his parents had. He hadn't realized it before but was now certain that a part of him was worried that she either did and wasn't telling him or that the deeper connection necessary for him to see the images would bring forth some of those moments and he wasn't certain he wanted to do it. Rayhiana promised that she'd always told him exactly what she saw but said she understood his fears and they didn't have to continue.

The stopped working on their experiments and devoted themselves full time to preparing for their NEWTs. That was exhausting enough even for two people as smart as Rayhiana and Teddy. Once NEWTs were over and they were faced with the reality of leaving Hogwarts for good and their relationship still being a secret, they tried to plot ways to reveal their love to everyone but none of their ideas seemed grand enough. They decided to keep things secret for a bit longer as they started their new careers and wait to see what happened.

Fate stepped in in the form of one Mr. James Potter. Teddy was very close to the Weasleys and Potters. The adults were like his aunts and uncles and the kids were his cousins. At the end of the summer, he went to the station to see them all off on the Hogwarts Express. He'd been kissing Victorie on the cheek to wish her goodbye when James had ran in and then ran out, telling everyone he's discovered the identity of Teddy's secret girlfriend. Teddy was beside himself trying to convince everyone that wasn't the case but no one believed him, even when Victoire joined in denying all the allegations. For days, the extended Weasley clan at home gently teased Teddy and the group at school teased Victoire as the two kept vehemently denying that they were dating. Rayhiana found it slightly amusing at first but decided poor Teddy should really be put out of his misery. She agreed the time was long past to tell everyone that she was his girlfriend and they were very much in love.

To make the big announcement, Teddy brought Rayhiana to Hermione Granger Weasley's birthday party on 19 September. Everyone was surprised at first but quickly welcomed her and accepted Teddy's teasing about their being wrong. As she watched the gathered family, Rayhiana could almost feel the love and friendship radiating between everyone the way Teddy had been trying to teach her to feel magic. At that moment she realized why she'd never seen anything bad about Teddy's parents. While everyone else looked for quills to dash off letter to the kids at Hogwarts, telling them the identity of Teddy's real girlfriend and warning them to apologize to Victoire before she decided to take revenge, she dragged Teddy to a quiet corner and hurriedly tried to explain. It all had to do with flows and connections. The stories she'd seen for the kids at the orphanage had all been about their parents as kids because the orphans could relate to that or their parents falling in love because that is what produced the children. Even with Professor Binns, the visions could only come from things he was thinking off at the moment. With Teddy, the connection to his parents was one of love and happiness. In the end, no matter what their difficulties, his parents had loved each other, loved him, and been truly happy. They didn't have any lasting doubts connected to him so nothing bad could come through when Rayhiana got visions from him. She watched Teddy's face as he processed what she was saying. First there was confusion, then doubt, then understanding, and finally joy. He bent to kiss her but what should have been a fantastic and spine-tingling kiss was interrupted by cheers from the assorted family members who had finished their quill search and were watching the two snog in the corner. With a red face, Rayhiana turned to face the family she hoped to someday be a full part of.

Remember reviews are love! I might do a sequel about Rayhiana and Teddy and their work at letting him see her visions and their quest to find out more about her unknown past, but only if I get lots of good reviews!!!11!!

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