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Poopy Head
Posted on Friday 30 November 2007 at 1:22 pm

Another update on LJ "adult" content flagging

Because a lot of us have been having various discussions regarding the flagging of fanfic and what counts as explicit adult content (over 18) vs adult themes (over 14), I thought some people might be interested in this bit of information from an Lj staffer:

The Adult setting is actually only voluntary, it won't ever be forced. It's the Explicit one which could be set administratively. If an individual post is set the owner won't be contacted. But if a journal or community has the setting put on it (again, multiple flags, review, agree first) the journal owner or community maintainer will receive an email.

The lj-cuts actually only show up to accounts registered to those under 18 and logged out users. If someone is logged in and registered their date of birth to reflect they're over 18 the content will look exactly the same. If it appears as a cut to a viewer it does cut the entire post, and the wording is set:

Adult Concepts: [You are about to view content that may not be appropriate for minors] (cut for under 18, but 14-17 may click and see it; 13 and under will not see the content)

Explicit Adult Content: [You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults.] (cut for under 18; blocked from the content)

One thing about this is slightly incorrect. As a registered user over the age of 18, you can set it so that you do or do not see the cuts. It isn't automatic that "If someone is logged in and registered their date of birth to reflect they're over 18 the content will look exactly the same." That is personal choice.

Anyway, for those wondering about fanfic and fanart that hints at sex, it sounds like it is personal choice whether to label it or not and LJ will not impose an adult concepts cut. Only if it is explicit and should be limited to those over 18 will it ever be enforced by LJ. Of course, a great deal of stuff still falls into the hazy area between hinting and explicit but I really don't see this being a big deal.

I'm not happy that the journal owner will not be notified if an entry is changed.

EDIT: I should probably cite a source for that lovely block quote, huh? I found it here

EDIT 2: Am I the only one having problems with disappearing text on LJ? Is it LJ or my browser?

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