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Posted on Sunday 25 November 2007 at 10:21 pm



The combination of needing to reaccumulate phone numbers and enter them into my new phone with the need to send out holiday cards led me to spend a great deal of my day playing with contact information on my various electronic devices. Ever since I've had Shiny New Laptop (over a year now), I've not been able to get my handheld computer and Outlook to communicate. My parents and I have spent hours on more than one occasion trying to get the two to talk and it just wouldn't work. We couldn't even get any help from either company. In an ideal world, the two should sync easily. Unfortunately according to Palm, all Windows Media editions are not considered part of an ideal world. So for over a year, I've had all my contacts and calendar information on my Palm but not on my laptop. Today I was considering manually moving all the contact information on my handheld into my email program (Thunderbird) so it would be backed up if anything ever went wrong with the handheld. Before attempting such an arduous and time-consuming task, I decided to try once more syncing my handheld and Outlook.

I tried syncing and couldn't get anything to work. The computer would beep at me that it had found the handheld but wouldn't move beyond that. Very odd since normally everything but Outlook would sync with no problems. After repeated unplugging and replugging of cables, restarting of both computers, etc. I finally got it to sync and got the same meaningless Outlook error message as always. So I tried opening Outlook and discovered the now I couldn't even get Outlook to open on my laptop. That's worked before so I'm not sure what happened. I tried using Add/Remove Programs to remove Outlook so I could reinstall it. Add/Remove Programs wouldn't ever open, even after still more rebooting of the computer and playing around. I fianlly got Outlook reloaded through a different method and then finally got Add/Remove Programs to open (no idea what the problem was there either). With Outlook newly installed, I started getting a different error message when syncing. A bit of educated random clicking got that solved and my Palm and Outlooked synced! I'm so excited! I finally have all my contacts and calendar info on my laptop.

Since all that got squared away, I want to start using Outlook on a regular basis. So I tried setting it up to auto-start when I turn on the laptop. Did you know it isn't possible to add something to the startup list in the XP start menu? You have to change to the old start menu, add the program, then change back to the XP start menu. Seems dumb to me but I got everything all set. Only one thing left to do. Since I use Thunderbird for my email, I only want Outlook for Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks. So I want to get rid of the email stuff on the main Outlook Today page and reorganize the Task list. No problem. All you have to do is click the little button that says "Customize Outlook Today" and everything is easy from there. So why is it that I've spent an hour clicking that blasted button, restarting the computer, clicking that blasted button some more, etc. and have gotten no where. I click and NOTHING happens. And of course searching in Help does no good because everything I search for just tells me to click that stupid button. Anybody ever had a similar problem or any suggestions on what to do?

Oh yeah, speaking of Christmas cards, if you missed the post and want a card from me, you can leave your address in a screened comment on this post.
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