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Happy Everything
Posted on Saturday 24 November 2007 at 5:50 pm

Christmas Cards and General News

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I'm starting all my major holiday shopping and this includes purchasing cards. If anyone would like a lovely (hopefully) Season's Greetings card from Williamsburg, leave your address in this post and I'll do my best to get them out this upcoming week. All comments are screened so you and I will be the only ones to see your address, international folks are more than welcome, and if anyone else is sending out cards I wouldn't mind getting one in return but that certainly isn't a requirement for receiving one from me.

My new phone and I are getting used to each other quite nicely, I think. One of my friends needed to go to Best Buy to have the Geek Squad look at her computer this morning so I tagged along to keep her company and to find out what kinds of nifty things they might have for my new phone. Turns out the answer was actually not much but still enough. My phone is apparently new enough that they didn't have anything that would fit the plug on it so I couldn't get a data cable to hook it to my laptop or anything like that. They did, however, have a macro SD card with regular SD converter, which basically means they had something smaller than my thumbnail (I love technology!) that gives my phone 1 gig of memory and that works on my laptop and handheld computers. Between that and Bluetooth, I can pretty much move anything I need to amongst all my devices even without a cable. I've been using the memory card and some software I bought to put all kinds of ring tones on my cell phone. With the memory card, my phone is basically an MP3 player capable of holding 250 songs. I haven't decided if I'm going to use it as such or not. I'm really digging my ring tones though!

No real word on my parents' van. It is at the shop and that is about all I know. When they got stranded late Wednesday night, canceling their Thanksgiving trip, they had to have Kasey's dad come pick everyone up since they couldn't exactly ride in the van as it was being towed nor could four people and three or four dogs fit in the cab of the tow truck with the driver. Apparently while he was driving them back, Kasey's Dad informed Kasey he had to get all of his stuff out of his father's house by today because anything left the dad would trash on Sunday. He then called them on Friday afternoon wanting to know why they weren't over there getting Kasey's stuff. Their answer was that they were trying to unpack boxes so they would have something in which to pack the remainder of Kasey's stuff. I find all this to be more than a little bit ridiculous.
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