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Reading outside
Posted on Wednesday 14 November 2007 at 9:13 pm

Random nothings of little interest

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I'm bored with what I'm supposed to be reading right now. According to my self-imposed schedule, I'm supposed to be reading books on Netherlands' history right now. I know that at some point I'm going to need at least a basic understanding of the political and economic situation in the Netherlands for my work on New Netherland. But I don't care about politics in the Netherlands and am exceptionally bored with it all. I'm thinking of going back to New Netherland and worrying about the Netherlands when I actually need it. Probably not the smartest strategy, but certainly the best way to motivate me at the moment.

Slightly related topic: am I the only one who thinks it is a bit odd that it is the Netherlands and New Netherland?

Another slightly related topic: how do I not already have a tag for my dissertation nonsense?

I currently have 16 students enrolled in my class. The course is capped at 35 so I'm almost half-way to full. Thus far I only have one freshman with the rest probably about half sophomores and half juniors and seniors combined.

I went hiking today. It was around upper 70s/lower 80s today after having been 50s and 60s for several days. Rain is supposed to be moving in tonight and dropping it back to 50s or lower. I couldn't pass up this one absolutely gorgeous day. Especially when I was unmotivated to do HW anyway. I love going hiking.

One of my friends is hosting a game day on Sunday afternoon. I love playing board/card games so I can hardly wait!

I played with my music again today. I finally moved everything I've bough on iTunes onto my handheld computer. That was an adventure and a half. I had to pay to get the newest version of the music player for my handheld and then burn most of the songs onto a CD and rip them back onto my computer as MP3 files to get them to play. But it was worth it.

The deadline for November's Family Members Challenge at hp_wotm is in a week. Don't forget to submit your Wizard of the Month! And pimp the comm to your flist if you're so inclined.

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