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Lego - Harry Potter
Posted on Sunday 28 October 2007 at 2:01 pm

More tech woes

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I is not having a good day thus far. This morning I was going to go to the grocery store to get bread, crackers, and cheese for my Wine, Cheese, and Pumpkins Party this afternoon. I grabbed my cell phone as I was leaving, glanced at it before putting it in my pocket, and had to o a double take because there was an icon on the display that I had never seen before. Since the picture was a phone handset with an "x" through it, I was rather worried about what this icon would mean. I looked it up in the glossary and, sure enough, it meant I couldn't make calls. I borrowed Kelly's (roommate) phone and called my folks. Mom called my cell phone provider. Apparently their having issues and their cell phones are dead within the state of Virginia with service expected to resume sometime within the next 24 hours. Nifty.

After getting that settled, I finally got out to my bike, which promptly wouldn't start. I spent 15 minutes or so trying to get the bugger to go with absolutely no luck. I gave up on that, hopped in my car, and finally got my bread, crackers, and cheese from the grocery store. I got back to my apartment and there were two unknown motorcycles in my apartment complex parking lot. One of these was in the spot where I usually park my car so I had to park across the street at the day care which is fine for now but I've got to move it before tomorrow morning.

I tried my bike again, no luck. I borrowed Kelly's phone again to call my folks. Dad suggested I check to see if I'd blown a fuse because that happened to my sister's bike recently and they are the same make/model just different years. I can't get the stupid screw holding on the panel covering the main fuse to come unscrewed. It won't budge. Kelly and I both tried for quite a while. I temporarily gave up on that and cleaned my non-working bike. While I was doing that, the owner of the bike in my car's usual spot came out. He said he is just helping a friend move in and will be gone so hopefully I'll get my spot back. He had no suggestions as to why my bike is not running and what I should do.

So as of now I have a non-working cell phone and a non-working motorcycle. Hopefully the cell phone will fix itself. I've no idea on the bike. I'm hoping at least one person at the party will be of the big and strong variety and might be able to get my screw undone so I can check the fuse. If it isn't the fuse and the bike doesn't miraculously fix itself, I don't know what I'm going to do. I'll probably have to get the bike hauled the 20+ miles to Newport News so the repair shop at the dealership can look at it. The bike should still be under warranty, but I don't know what that will actually cover and how much this might cost me.

Luckily I will soon be having a variety of yummy cheeses and some juice (I no like wine) while relieving my frustrations by mutilating/carving a helpless pumpkin.

EDIT: the phone is working. The motorcycle is not. It appears to be a dead battery.
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