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Lego - Star Wars and Harry Potter
Posted on Tuesday 16 October 2007 at 3:48 pm

Quick general update

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1) If anyone is interested in creating his or her own Wizard of the Month, similar to the ones posted on JKR's site, my community hp_wotm is still accepting art-and-text and text-only entries for October. This month's theme is Crime, which can include the bad guys or the good guys who catch them, and closes at the end of the day on Sunday. For more info, check out HP_WotM's user info. If you like the community, whether you want to participate this month or not, be sure to friend it if you haven't already and feel free to pimp it to your friends.

2) I got my fic done for the first round of metamorfic_moon's All Hallows' Moon Fic Jumble. It is a short (c. 1500 words), gloomy piece called Ravens In My Mind that in terms of subject matter and style is a bit of a departure for me so I'd love any advice on what I did right and what can be improved. If you want to give it a read, you can find it here.

3) All is proceeding on the sister's wedding front. The stress is really settling in now and I think I'm going to scream. Hopefully we'll all survive this.

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