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Book Pink BrattyJedi
Posted on Tuesday 9 October 2007 at 2:42 pm

Did you know...

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... that CDs and I are the same age? At least, according to the Russian music site where I would get MP3s (it is currently down), the first CD was produced in August 1982 making CDs and I both 25 this year.

Why do I not have a trivia tag yet? Tag this History or make a Trivia tag?
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What's Taters, Precious?
mrstater at 7:14 pm on 09 October 2007 (UTC) (Link)
You act as if you're the only person who turned 25 this year. :p
bratty_jedi at 7:17 pm on 09 October 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Do you want me to edit to include you?
What's Taters, Precious?
mrstater at 7:19 pm on 09 October 2007 (UTC) (Link)
It doesn't mean anything when I have to force you to think about other people. ;)
bratty_jedi at 7:22 pm on 09 October 2007 (UTC) (Link)
My LJ = it's all about ME.
lady_bracknell at 9:12 pm on 09 October 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Worryingly, I remember the introduction of CDs quite clearly. A science programme on TV informed me that I'd be able to drill holes in them, smear them with jam, and they'd still play.

Oddly, one little scratch seems to render mine utterly useless, though. I've always felt a bit cheated about that, lol.
bratty_jedi at 9:28 pm on 09 October 2007 (UTC) (Link)
That is rather unfair. I think we should all demand a refund or something for the 21st Century in general. Weren't we supposed to have flying cars and the like by now as well as indestructible CDs?
lady_bracknell at 9:10 am on 10 October 2007 (UTC) (Link)
And robots! Where's my house-cleaning robot? I mean a Dyson vacuum is a very advanced piece of engineering, but I've still got to push it round the floor. It's just not the same....
bratty_jedi at 1:55 pm on 10 October 2007 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, yes! Robots now please!

My parents have used the same vacuum for 20+ years and see no reason to upgrade. Surely technology should have advanced enough by now to give them a reason.

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